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Summer 1

Week 5

Maths - Naming and sorting 2 dimensional shapes

Maths - Naming and identifying 3 dimensional shapes

History - Why were Mary Anning’s achievements not celebrated in her lifetime?

Art - making ammonite fossils using air drying clay by coiling

Week 4

Maths - Grouping in 2s, 5s and 10s

Maths - problem solving

English - Sorting verbs and adjectives

English - Finding pairs of rhyming words!

Science - Materials

English - She-Rex

Art - Imprinting into tablets of clay

Week 3

PE - Dance

We were pretending to be toy soldiers this week in dance. We thought about how we could make our bodies move like a wind up toy soldier. The children didn’t bend their knees or extend their arms and tried hard to stay quite rigid as they moved. We created a dance in sections of 8 beats.


In phonics we have been revisiting our phase 5 sounds and applying our phonics knowledge to writing sentences by dictation. The children have also started to practise reading alien words (word that are not real) to test their phonics knowledge.

Art - making in prints of fossils on tablets of clay

The Turtle class loved using clay in art this week. They first turned their ball of clay into a tablet of clay and then used different utensils to draw an imprint of an ammonite fossil. They all worked hard on this challenging task and their clay is currently drying!

PE - Gymnastics

In gymnastics, we revisited our learning about small body parts in our warm-up with a game where the children moved around the room until they heard the shaker and then created a shape using their small body parts. They also made sure that their muscles were strong and their toes pointed! We then practised our rolling and created short routines that consisted of moving around the room, turning, rolling and bouncing before finishing in a finishing position. The children performed their routines and then explored these movements on the appartus.

Week 2


This week, the children explored programming the Beebots to make them follow a short path. They played a game in pairs where one person in the pair gave the Beebot three instructions and then after the Beebot had finished moving, their partner had to guess what the instructions were. 

Maths - Counting in 5s and 10s


In science, we did our investigation about absorbency. We tested three materials to find out which one was the most absorbent so that we could tell the three little pigs who needed to clean up the mess that the wolf left when he fell into the pot from the chimney! We discovered that the sponge was the most absorbent because it sucked up the most water.


This week in history, the children learnt about Mary Anning’s life and how she has become known as one of the greatest fossil hunters that ever lived! The children learnt that being a female fossil hunter in the 1800s wasn’t easy! They learnt that Mary, at age 37, would have seen Queen Victoria ascend to the throne in 1837! They now know about the dinosaur fossils Mary discovered including an ichthyosaur, a plesiosaur and of course ammonites. They also now know that some examples of these fossils can now be found in the Natural history museum in London!

PE - Gymnastics

In gymnastics we were rocking and rolling our bodies. The children then created routines which they performed to their peers.