We offer Breakfast and After School Club from 7.30am until 8.35am and from 3.15pm until 5.30pm every day.
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Parent Survey


What parents say we do well:

  • Nurturing children
  • Communicating with parents 
  • Embodying inclusion, wholesomeness and solid positive attitudes
  • Teaching good values
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere
  • Addressing concerns quickly
  • Developing the WHOLE child 
  • Providing a safe and caring environment


Where parents think we could do even better:

  • Add the ability to pay online 
  • Be clearer how children who are not on track are being supported
  • Feedback earlier in Year R to see how children have settled
  • Understanding plans for the future


How we are addressing these

  • Introduced the use of Scopay (Online platform for payments)
  • Half termly reports to parents on the progress of children with SEND. Regular drop in sessions for all parents where the teacher is available. Teachers make contact with parents quickly if they are concerned about their child's progress. 
  • Discussions around giving parents feedback quicker in September. 
  • The school improvement plan is now on the website and explains areas for improvement. 


What parents say we do well

  • Nurture, including emotional and behavioural support
  • Responding to children as individuals, tailoring a personal experience for each individual child, making them feel included.
  • Structured and unstructured learning
  • Communication with parents, notifications via email, keeping parents updated well in advance
  • Instilling a sense of family and community
  • All the adults know all the children
  • Growing fruit and vegetables and looking after animals
  • Outdoor learning opportunities
  • Making each child feel valued
  • Welcoming and responding to issues quickly
  • Approachable open door policy
  • Teachers always making time to discuss concerns or sharing positive achievements.
  • Wellbeing
  • After school club
  • Christian values
  • Positive approach and attitude to everything
  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity

How parents think we could improve

  • More regular feedback on their child’s progression- specific feedback on areas of achievement and development so that parents can support this at home.
  • Homework- interactive apps, resources
  • Extra curricular opportunities
  • PTA to fund raise
  • Encouragement of more parental involvement
  • Communication
  • Reading books- children moving on quicker
  • Understanding what the day is like in the different year groups.
  • Giving children more leadership roles

How we addressed these areas for improvement

  1. Extra-curricular activities which are free and offered to all children, run by staff. 
  2. PTA established and raising funds. 
  3. Meet the teacher meetings in September will help parents understand what is expected in the different classes and what a typical day/week looks like.
  4. Little Wandle phonics introduced, reading books are well matched to children’s abilities.
  5. School council established, play leaders at lunchtime. 
  6. Extra drop in sessions for parents where teachers are available. Parents are encouraged to attend workshops in areas such as maths, writing and reading. Teachers inform parents of children who are receiving extra support and what this looks like.
  7. Homework and the use of Tapestry and Seesaw was reviewed.