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September 2023


The Colour Monster goes to School

By Anna Llenas


‘Guess what?

Today is your first day at school.


What is that?

Is it a spooky castle filled with monsters and beasts?

Is it up in the sky with rainbows and clouds?

Is it in a scary jungle guarded by evil plants?’


It’s that time again… back to school! Whether you’re coming to school for the first time ever or returning to a new class after the summer holidays, the start of a new school year can make us all feel a little bit nervous. However you’re feeling, this fun and colourful story all about a little monster on his first day is sure to make you giggle (and hopefully settle some of those nerves!).


From music lessons, to lunchtime, to making new friends, the Colour Monster's first day at school is filled with exciting new adventures.

The Colour Monster Goes to School

Fans of The Colour Monster will love this story where he goes to school for the first time!