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Autumn 2

Week 6 


We have been using our Maths toolkits to support our number bond challenge today. We were showing all the different representations and writing number sentences too. 

Week 5


In Science we have been learning all about our senses. We have investigated which sense was the most useful when finding food and thought about what happens when senses get taken away from us. We have had lots of fun guessing the crisp flavour with our smell, feeling different textures and tasting jelly where the flavour didn’t match the colour! 


In writing, the children started writing their Edgar stories, they will complete these over the next two lessons. They have been using adjectives, conjunctions and and because, time words and phrases, capital letters, fill stops and even some exclamation marks in their sentences. They have made a very good start!

Computing - Digital Painting

In computing, the children created digital paintings which were inspired by Wassily Kandinsky! They used the paintbrush tool and the shape tool to create the circles and then changed the colours using the colour pallet! They did so well!

PE - Dance

Our Dance this week was inspired by a ball! The children created ball shapes on their own and with a partner, they thought about the shape of a large ball and a small ball and recreated these shapes with their bodies. The children then thought about how a ball moves and practised bouncing like a ball! They finally put all of these ideas together in a dance! 


This week, the children sorted the old and new toys that they have played with over the last few weeks. They looked closely at what they looked like and what they were made from to work out if they were the toys of their parents and grandparents or of their class friends!

Week 4

P.E - Dance

In dance the children worked on partners and threes to create spiky, ball shapes like those of confer shells! The combined their work from the last couple of weeks, to create a dance which the performed to Mrs Burden and Mrs Anderson! 

Adventure Time

Art - Using classroom objects and paint to create fur textures.

This week in art, we used sponges, the wooden end of a paintbrush and plastic forks to help us create fur textures in paint. 

Year 1 Class Assembly

History - Our Toy Museum

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the toys brought to school for the toy museum by the wonderful parents and grandparents of some of our Turtles! The children enjoyed learning about the toys and loved playing with them too! Thank you to all who were able to join us. 😃


Week 3


In writing this week, the children worked their socks off writing a diary as the character Traction Man! Lots of children earned golden tickets and we were all very proud of them. In their diaries the children used: the pronoun ‘I’; adjectives; conjunctions including ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘but’ capital letters, full stops and exclamation marks to punctuate sentences and some children used the impressive vocabulary from the text to describe some of the characters. 

Adventure Time


In art this week, the children drew teddy bears and used the techniques and drawing materials from last lesson to draw the fur. They really enjoyed their task and created some wonderful art work. 


In maths this week, we were learning about 2D shape. We named 2D shapes, talked about their properties and looked at them from different orientations, observing that whilst they may look different turned around, they are still the same shape. We found half of these shapes and then sorted shapes that had been split into two parts, some even and some uneven. We had lots of fun and learnt lots!

PE - Dance

In PE this week, we created dance inspired by conkers and their spiky cases. The children used their bodies to create spiky shapes on different levels. They also travelled on the balls if their feet in large, curved pathways around the room and in and out if each other like the wind in the trees! They put all that they had practised and learnt into a final performance at the end of the lesson, careful to make sure they kept their muscles tight to ensure their shapes were still and strong.

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, we talked about friendly and unfriendly behaviour and how this can effect others and ourselves. The children worked in two groups to sort images of unkind and kind behaviour and talked about what the images showed and the emotions that were being felt. They all agreed that kind behaviour made everyone feel positive emotions and that that is how we should always try to behave towards our friends and those around us.

Week 2


This week we have be learning about odd and even numbers. We read a story about Odd Todd and Even Steven. We then sorted the numbers into odd and even. We learnt that even numbers are made up of multiples of 2 and odd numbers are not.