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Church of England Infant School

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2023 - 2024

We encourage our children to develop their own set of beliefs which allow for the opportunity to develop their relationships with themselves, others and their place in the wider world. It helps us to develop a deeper understanding of who we really are and how we can grow to be confident and proactive members of society in which we can make a positive difference. 

Spirituality day
Tuesday 26th September 2023  


Today was a special day as we introduced spirituality. We have chosen four symbols to represent what this means for us. A mirror, to look inside yourself and have some time to self reflect. A window, to look outside and see the beauty in the outside world. We spoke about finding life’s WOW moments. A door, to welcome people in and learn to be empathetic and a candle. The candle reminds us to stop and think, maybe about a higher being or God. 

We spent the morning being creative and making these for the classrooms and to take home. In the afternoon, we all chose a collective spirituality tree. We spoke about the classes representing each part of the tree. First we have the roots, then the shoots and then the fruits. Each just as important as each other and place to grow with love, courage and respect. Each class spent time at the tree today reflecting on the part the had to play within our school and the wider world. We have also had time to reflect, stop and think and see the worlds WOW’s.