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PSHE Curriculum

Our Vision for the teaching of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Our PSHE curriculum is based on our three Golden Rules which are woven into everything we learn, share and do at Catherington Infant School.


Every week, one child from each class who shows our school values of LOVE, RESPECT and COURAGE is celebrated as the 'Star of the Week'.


Catherington PSHE Curriculum Overview

Keeping Ourselves healthy: Hand-washing

The children learn about keeping happy and healthy with Harold the SCARF giraffe who features in many of their lessons throughout the year.

Firework Safety

We teach each class about Firework Safety well before November 5th, just in case the children visit a firework display over half-term!

Remembrance Week is a chance for our children to learn about the sacrifices made by many to create a safe, happy world for us all to live in. We usually create a display of our learning for All Saints church, this year we shared our work with the community in the school windows.

Our children learn about the church Lych-Gate Memorial and the lives of the Catherington men who died in WW1. This year, we also considered the lives of evacuees in WW2 and compared them to the difficulties we have faced ourselves during this Covid pandemic.

Children in Need

Every year we support Children in Need and teach the children the important difference between WANTING something and NEEDING it. We also have a lot of fun too, working out with Joe Wicks, making spotty hats and playing a Pudsey counting game 🎲.

World Kindness Day

In Dolphin Class, we filled a jar with ‘Friendly Fuzzies’. Every time a friend did something kind for us, we nominated them to put a fuzzy in the jar. It was very difficult not to nominate ourselves, but to wait for someone to notice our kindness. By the end of the day our jar was overflowing 😁. It was wonderful to see the children notice kindness towards them...

 “ πŸ§’πŸ½ has just said we could share this car together”

 “ πŸ‘§πŸ» said excuse me”

 “ Thank you πŸ‘¦πŸΌ for tidying up the pens without being asked”

 “ πŸ‘§πŸΎ helped me put on my coat”

Anti-Bullying Week

In November, we participate in Anti-Bullying Week which highlights our Catherington School Values of LOVE, RESPECT and COURAGE. In addition to teaching about bullying and teasing, we have great fun with “Odd Socks Day” and celebrate everyone’s courage to be different.

The Pantosaurus Song! | #TalkPANTS | NSPCC

Meet Pantosaurus! He's a friendly dinosaur who has an important song to sing for you, which conveys an important message. #TalkPANTS is a campaign created by the NSPCC that gives parents, carers and teachers the support they need to explain the Underwear Rule to young children aged 4-8 in a simple and age-appropriate way.



We use the NSPCC 'PANTOSAURUS' programme to teach children that 'PANTS are Private and how to say NO!

Home and Fire Safety

Hampshire Fire Service visit every year to teach the children about keeping themselves safe at home. 

Dolphins class also learn about hot irons, overloaded sockets and boiling pan handles with Fireman Sam. Turtles learn how to STOP, COVER, DROP and ROLL; Seahorses learn how dangerous wet hands and electricity can be.

" You mustn't touch an iron, even if it is not plugged in... it could still be hot and burn you."

" If a handle sticks out on the cooker, your little brother could knock it off and burn him."

" A grown-up must light your birthday candles so you don't set the curtains on fire!"

Every term we teach the children the potential hazards of being online. We cover issues such as cyber-bullying, keeping personal information safe and using age-appropriate sites. Throughout our curriculum we reinforce how to get help if you feel that ‘butterflies in your tummy’ feeling when online.

For more information on how you can help at home, visit the “Think You Know” website.

The Pantosaurus Song! | #TalkPANTS | NSPCC

Meet Pantosaurus! He's a friendly dinosaur who has an important song to sing for you, which conveys an important message.#TalkPANTS is a campaign created by ...

Children at Catherington receive statutory Relationships Education as part of our PSHE curriculum. Children are taught the correct anatomical names for body parts in an age and developmentally appropriate way. This is part of our Child Safeguarding responsibility and gives children the vocabulary to protect themselves and seek help if needed. Pantosaurus is a fun, engaging way to teach children that 'Privates are Private'. The NSPCC website has activities and games to play at home.

RNLI: How to stay SAFE on the beach | Newsround

With summer approaching but many travel restrictions still in place there's a very good chance you'll spend your summer holidays here in the UK, and with tho...

We teach children how to keep themselves safe around water; from staying close to an adult, what the different flags mean and what to do if they get in difficulties.