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Summer 2

Week 2


We started this week with a fun PE lesson! We used the wall bars and hall apparatus for the first time. We really enjoyed learning how to use the apparatus safely and experimented with different ways to travel on, up, around and through it.

On Wednesday we went to the church for the afternoon. We were greeted by some volunteers in the church community who wanted to help us learn how to enjoy our local churchyard and all of the amazing things it has to offer. We made bird feeders and natural crowns, hunted for mini beasts and did some leaf, bark and gravestone rubbings.

We also worked hard this week to make special cards for our Daddies for Father’s Day. I hope you enjoyed receiving your cards and that you had a wonderful day!

In Discovery Time this week we have been spending lots of time playing with water. Our new water butt now has actual rain water in it - hooray! We’ve been filling buckets, making mud, creating ponds, floating boats and experimenting with ways to trap water inside different shapes.

We finished off the week by hanging our homemade bird feeders up around our outside area. Hopefully the birds will enjoy eating all of the delicious seeds!

Week 1


It has been so lovely to be back together again after our half term break.


On Monday we spent the afternoon thinking about spirituality. We talked about what spirituality means to us and then tried hard to remember our four special symbols. The mirror represents our relationship with ourselves, the door represents the relationships we have with others, the window is our relationship with the world and the candle reminds us of the relationships we have with things beyond what we can see.


After lots of thoughtful discussions in class, we went out to the field to see what things we could find that made us say ‘Wow!’

Our caterpillars have been very busy in their chrysalises over the last two weeks. We were so excited to be able to see them emerge as beautiful butterflies! On Wednesday we took them to the butterfly garden and set them free.

We learned a new word this week: Microhabitat. We found out that different minibeasts like to live in different microhabitats, like wood piles, flower beds, mud and ponds. We filled a tuff tray with different natural materials to make microhabitats before hunting for different creatures. We found snails, worms, woodlice, centipedes, spiders and slugs! We had to think carefully about which part of the tuff tray to put them in to make sure that they went to the type of environment they enjoy living in.

We all decided to encourage more caterpillars to visit us by making caterpillar cafes in our creation station. We decorated boxes and foraged for leaves, grass and flowers to fill them with. We even wrote little signs to let the caterpillars know that they are welcome to come and eat!

In maths we learned how to use a new tool. It’s called a rekenrek and it helps to develop our fluency and number sense. We practised moving the beads with one push and tried hard to match our rekenreks to pictures on the screen.