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Spring 2

Week 1

Art - Creating tones

The children were excited to start their new art unit this week. Over the next half term, the children will be drawing and painting portraits of Queens. Today, we learnt about tone and how we can adjust the pressure we place on our pencil to create light and dark tones as well as using the tip and side of our pencil too. We also talked about hatching and crosshatching and how this drawing technique allows artists to create tone in their drawings. The children experimented in their sketch books and did really well!

Gymnastics - jumping, travelling and rolling

We were very busy this week in gymnastics, travelling in different ways and in different directions around the room by: hopping, hopscotch, skipping and galloping. We also thought about and practised different jumps including bouncing, jumping high and leaping. Next, we practised our log rolls, we pointed our toes, stretched our arms above our heads and used our muscles to roll carefully across the floor. Finally, we created routines which started by travelling in one of the ways we’d practised and then moved into a bounce or jump, followed by another way of travelling, a log roll and a third way of travelling and our finished positions! The Turtles worked very hard!



In science this week, we added to our longitudinal study which stretches over the year. We look at how the seasons affect our surroundings and the animals who live there. This week, we have been looking for signs of spring. The children went on a walk around the school grounds and took photos of what they could see. Then, each day a new group of children have been monitoring the outside temperature and rainfall in their chosen location around the school grounds. 

English - Jack and the beanstalk

In English we have started our new learning journey about Jack in the Beanstalk! The children have been getting to know the story this week through retelling it in a drama activity, creating a story board, identifying the repeated phrases and traditional story language such as, ‘Once upon a time...’ and ‘They all lived happily ever after’. The children identified nouns in the images and then created noun phrases by adding adjectives using the word bs k given to them as well as their own ideas. They also ,earns about the suffixes, ‘er’ and ‘est’ and how they can be added to the end of an adjective to give it a new meaning. The children then wrote sentences using all of this vocabulary! 

Computing - Grouping data

This week, we learnt that objects are given labels and that we can group objects using these labels as can a computer. The children grouped objects from around the classroom to fit the given labels. We then talked about how a search engine on the Internet uses the labels on photographs to find a group photos or information that we search for. It doesn’t just know for example, that a picture is a picture of cat, it knows that the picture is of a cat because it has the label, ‘cat’.