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Spring 2

Week 6

Easter RE - Sadness and happiness

This week we have been thinking about the Christian stories of Easter and thinking about which parts are happy and which parts are sad. We started our learning this week with a sensory version of the Easter story. The children could hear the steps of the donkey as Jesus entered Jerusalem, they waved a palm leaf and shouted, ‘Hosanna’, as Jesus came past. They then smelt and felt the bread shared at the last supper and touched the grass from Mount Olive. They walked with the wooden cross to the top of the hill where they smelt the vinegary wine that Jesus drank just before he died on the cross.

We then talked about the happiness felt by the people as Jesus entered on his donkey, the sadness felt when Jesus died on the cross and then the happiness felt when he rose from the dead  - the day Christians celebrate as Easter Day. We also ate hot cross buns and talked about how the cross on the top of the bun is meant to symbolise the cross Jesus died on and how many people eat these buns on Good Friday to commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross.

Painting a portrait of a queen

Our final piece of art this half term, was a portrait of a queen. The children sketched and then painted, using water paints, the portrait of their chosen queen of England. 

Topic Homework

What fantastic projects Turtle class! This week the children shared their projects with each other and they were really impressive. Well done Turtke class 😃

Mixing Watercolours

Before we could draw and paint our final portraits, the children practised mixing skin colour, the colour of gold to paint the jewellery, hair colour, eye colour and clothing colours.

Sketching a portrait

The children learnt how to sketch the different parts of the face! They sketched the eyes, nose, ears and lips and then added the hair and neck and shoulders. They did so well; It’s not easy to draw a face!

Openbox Visit

The children loved their Openbox visit this week and learnt about life in the past. They started off learning what life would have been like in Victorian times, the jobs the children would have been expected to do, living conditions, the number of people who would have lived in a ‘2 up, 2 down’ house and they did this through drama. In the afternoon, the children went further back in history and learnt and castles and even trained to be knights! What a fun day we had! 

Maths - Money

This week, we continued our work with money and did an investigation. The children used their toolkits and the Polya method to help them solve the problem in different ways. Then later in the week, the children added coins, found the totals and ordered the purses from smallest to largest amounts of money!

Science Workshop

This week, we had a special visit from Georgia and did some exciting science! The Turtles loved mixing liquids to create bases and acids. They loved being little scientists!

Week 5

Games - Sending and receiving a ball

In games this week, it was very wet outside, so we used the hall to send and receive the ball. The children started by warming up with a fun game involving hoops (islands) they practised moving around the room in different ways and then when they heard the signal they had to jump into the hoops. They then travelled around the room with the balls using the bats, passing the ball to a partner who stopped the ball before sending it back. Then finally, the children practised bowling the ball by rolling to a partner who returned the ball using the bat. The bowler then put themselves into a receiving position, caught the ball and then the children swapped roles. 

Computing - Labelling and grouping objects

In computing this week, the children thought about the labels objects are given and how these labels can help to group them in different ways. They were then given 2D shapes and together created groups using the properties of the shapes (labels the shapes could be given).

RE - Signs of spring and new life

We starter our Easter RE unit of learning this week linked to the feelings of happiness and sadness. Today, we walked around the school looking for signs of Spring and new life! We found lots of beautiful flowers on the ground and buds in trees and bushes.

Maths - Counting in 10s using 10ps

In maths we practised counting in 10s using 10 pence coins. The children were given word problems to solving by counting in 10s using coins, Numicon and number lines.


The children practised their jumping and bouncing today and travelled in different ways around the hall, by hopping, skipping, side stepping, galloping, hop sketching and bouncing. They then moved over and around the equipment combining different jumps and travelling movements.  

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