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Autumn 1

Week 3


In music this week, we used xylophones to make different pitched sounds. In small groups we played a game where one person would play one of 3 specific notes on the xylophone and the other children would listen and attempt to identify if the sound was high pitched, low pitched or middle pitched. They would show their answer by putting their hands on their head, their knees or their feet depending on what they heard. It was tricky, but the children did really well.


In maths this week, we were subtracting numbers within 5. The children were presented with a maths problem about farmer Fred and his pigs and they used multilink to find the different possibilities which they also wrote number sentences for. Lots of the children were thinking carefully about which way their digits needed to go around!


In Geography this week, the children learnt about human (man made) and physical (naturally occurring) features of Catherington village. Together, we sorted some photos and then the children were given their own copy of these images as well as some extras to sort into a chart. They did a wonderful job at identifying human and physical features! We are all looking forward to seeing these in real life next Wednesday on our walk! 

Week 2 


In maths this week, we have been counting and ordering numbers to 30. The children have also used different maths equipment to show the values of these numbers thinking about how many tens and ones are needed - they used: multilink in sticks of 10 and single bricks, arrow cards and numb on to show these values.


In music this week, we continued to practise the ‘Teddy Bears’ picnic’ and then chanted the rhyme, ‘Teddy bear Teddy bear touch your toes’....etc. We are thinking about pitch this half term and next week we will be using xylophones to help us make high, middle and low pitched sounds.


In DT we are working towards making an animal book with moving parts. Today, we practised our cutting skills! ✂️

Adventure time! 🐢

Week 1

First few days in Turtles! 🐢☀️


A huge well done for a very hot start! The children have all been wonderful and trying their very best. I hope they have a lovely rest of the week 🤗. 



In computing this week, we were thinking about the word, ‘Technology’ and it means. The children learnt that technology refers to something that is anything made by people to help us. They talked about examples of technology that they could think of in their lives and how it helps them and then they worked in small groups to sort pictures of things that could be classified as technology and things that wouldn’t be into a grid.



In maths this week, we heave been counting in 10s to 50 using bundles of pencils to help us understand what we are counting. We have also been thinking about what one more and 1 less than numbers to 20 are and completing number tracks to show this.

Adventure Time!

PE - Gymnastics


This week in PE, we started our new learning journey. We made wide and narrow shapes using our bodies. We moved from a low or high wide shape to a low or high narrow shape over the count of 8 and then the children used the apparatus to create narrow and wide shapes, jumps and movements. They did incredibly well.

English - Writing

In writing this week, we started our new learning journey that will see the children create a poster all about their marvellous selves at the end of 10 lessons. This learning is driven by the book, ‘Marvellous Me inside and out’ by Lisa Bullard. This week, the children have shown us what wonderful writers they are and have written about the way they look, what their brains can do and what their bodies can do! We have been impressed to see them sounding out their words and using the sound mats to help them find the correct sound before writing it down in their book. Well done 🐢