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Year R

What's been happening outside this week?

The children decided that the train area needed fixing and set to work in the rain. When the sun came out the children thought that the little house and contents needed a spring clean so we got a big bucket of bubbly water some brushes and they scrubbed it clean! Well it's a little cleaner because after that they decided to paint the house using water and chalk and then cleaned that off too!

I think they liked spring cleaning! Great physical development activities in action.

Rain or shine the work needs doing!

Well done, Rabbits. Look at all the eggs you filled!

Well done, Rabbits. Look at all the eggs you filled! 1

Shiny Easter Eggs

Shiny Easter Eggs 1 Well done, Rabbits! 3 shiny eggs so far!

What's inside the drama bag?

What's inside the drama bag? 1 The giant left his teaspoon!
What's inside the drama bag? 2 It was huge!
What's inside the drama bag? 3 The giant's big glasses looked funny on.
What's inside the drama bag? 4 How do I look?
What's inside the drama bag? 5 I can see you!
What's inside the drama bag? 6 This ring is so big.
What's inside the drama bag? 7 I think he left his castle keys behind.
What's inside the drama bag? 8 What we found in the drama bag
What's inside the drama bag? 9 Now what shall I write?
What's inside the drama bag? 10 I am drawing a castle in the sky.
What's inside the drama bag? 11 Busy putting ideas onto paper.

Painting the train!

Painting the train! 1 We used special bubble paint to paint the train,
Painting the train! 2 It was hard work
Painting the train! 3 We worked as a team.
Painting the train! 4 We stopped to check our work!

We made yummy cheese scones.

Spring 2 Minature garden project

World Book Day Dress

World Book Day Dress  1 Let's start with some super heroes!
World Book Day Dress  2 Followed by some beautiful girls!
World Book Day Dress  3
World Book Day Dress  4
World Book Day Dress  5
World Book Day Dress  6
World Book Day Dress  7
World Book Day Dress  8 The tiger who came to tea!
World Book Day Dress  9 Why hello Mrs Fantastic Fox!
World Book Day Dress  10 Lots of spots!
Rabbits have had a very busy week. Take a look at some of the lovely things we have been doing.

Exploring the I-pads.

Blooming lovely!

Blooming lovely! 1 Taking a closer look at our daffodils.
Blooming lovely! 2 We used chalks to make our observational drawings.
Blooming lovely! 3 Look at my amazing flower head!
Blooming lovely! 4 Discussing what colours to use.

How to make your own see-saw and slide!

Word building in phonics

The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class

The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 1
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 2 Holding the flag!
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 3 I am ready to go!
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 4 We had great fun trying on the helmet.
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 5 We tried on the safety equipment.
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 6 The RNLI do an important job.
The RNLI visit Rabbits' Class 7 This is great fun!
 Thank you to Mrs Hodgkinson for giving everyone a golden ticket. We had a much better chance of winning and we did! Mollie in our class won the prize!!  

How will we get there? Another fantastic project! Super project work Year R. I think you all deserve a Golden Ticket. Who will be the first person to notice this message and let the rest of the class know? From Mrs Hodgkinson

Bounce for Books!

You may have noticed that we had the builders in this week to extend the Rabbit outdoor learning area. It was all very exciting and the children went outside to be builders. We had sand, sorry cement! as I was told, all over the place as they were building walls and digging holes. 

Also don't forget to bring in project number 2 on Wednesday 31st January. I can't wait to see them!

How do you make your fish move move without touching it and how do you keep a feather in the air? 

With wind power! A lot of huff and puff and a lot of fun too! The children have been thinking about wind as force.


Wind power in action

Wind  power in action 1
Wind  power in action 2
Wind  power in action 3
Wind  power in action 4
Wind  power in action 5

We watched a video clip of a hot air balloon. The clip was from inside the basket looking down to the land. The children were able to experience being in a hot air balloon from the safety of the ground. It was very high!! 

The children then watched a story about Kipper and Arnold who go on different imaginary adventures using balloons.

The children were amazing and came up with some fantastic places to visit including dinosaur land, the moon, flower land and my favourite marshmallow land with chocolate flowers!!

Where are you going in your hot air balloon?

Where are you going in your hot air balloon? 1
Where are you going in your hot air balloon? 2
Where are you going in your hot air balloon? 3
Where are you going in your hot air balloon? 4
Where are you going in your hot air balloon? 5

We have been ordering elephants to 20 and finding the missing elephant. We have ordered the numicon to 10 and then looked at different ways of making 4 and 5 using the numicon. We have also used the double sided counters to make 4 and 5 in different ways. 

We have also been looking at shape and talked about different 2D and 3D shapes. What a busy week!

Making a Ninja Turtle reading den.

Making a Ninja Turtle reading den. 1
Making a Ninja Turtle reading den. 2
Making a Ninja Turtle reading den. 3
Making a Ninja Turtle reading den. 4
We worked as a team to make a big red bus in our role play area. Billy the bus driver is taking us to Disneyland then onto Dinosaur World. We are going to have a great time. I wonder what we will travel in next time?

How will we get there?

Welly Wednesday!

Welly Wednesday! 1 We're going on a scavenger hunt!
Welly Wednesday! 2 I found a daisy!
Welly Wednesday! 3 I wonder what's hiding in here!
Welly Wednesday! 4 Now let me see what's in my bag.
Welly Wednesday! 5 This is so exciting!
Welly Wednesday! 6 we have found ten things!
Welly Wednesday! 7 Discussing their treasure.
Welly Wednesday! 8 This is really bobbly.
Welly Wednesday! 9 It looks like a hedgehog and it's very prickly.
Welly Wednesday! 10 We talked about the amazing things we found.
Welly Wednesday! 11 The children chatted about their find.

Happy New Year to you all!


A paper copy will be handed out on Monday but here is a sneak preview of the Spring homework project. After the amazing Autumn projects I can't wait to see the Spring projects. We will be inviting you along to have a look at them so watch this space!

Rabbits have made a brilliant start to 2018 as you can see  by looking at our bucket display. We use the buckets to help us learn and grow both academically and socially.


Rabbits have worked hard on their listening and concentrations skills. Everyone starts in the good green bucket but with hard work and effort they can fill their buckets and move up into silver then gold. 

I am very proud of all the Rabbits! A special mention to James who has managed to get himself onto the golden handle, a very prestigious place!

Filling our buckets!

Catherington Christmas meal.

Catherington Christmas meal. 1 All dressed and ready for our Christmas meal!
Catherington Christmas meal. 2 Yum, yum.
Catherington Christmas meal. 3
Catherington Christmas meal. 4
Catherington Christmas meal. 5
Catherington Christmas meal. 6
Catherington Christmas meal. 7
Catherington Christmas meal. 8 Loving the crackers and hats.
Catherington Christmas meal. 9
Catherington Christmas meal. 10
Catherington Christmas meal. 11 I won!!!

Big Bear's Christmas Party!

The children had a fantastic Christmas shopping afternoon thanks to the lovely parent helpers and CISA. It was a very well organised event and the children loved every minute. They came back from the hall with big smiles and bags full of wrapped presents. They also had a fun craft afternoon making baubles and angels.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Early Years Maths Workshop December 2017

Reading and Writing Workshop - December 2017

A Wriggly Nativity!

Active Rabbits!

Active Rabbits! 1 Mastering the pole.
Active Rabbits! 2 Wibbly wobbly!
Active Rabbits! 3 Charge!
Active Rabbits! 4 Follow my leader!
Active Rabbits! 5 Balancing on the wobbly bridge!
Active Rabbits! 6 Here I come!

We're going on a number hunt!

We're going on a number hunt! 1 We went on a number hunt!
We're going on a number hunt! 2 We found the hidden number tiles.
We're going on a number hunt! 3 Then we had to check we had them all.
We're going on a number hunt! 4 We started with one.
We're going on a number hunt! 5 Then ordered the rest
We're going on a number hunt! 6 We finally ordered all 30 number tiles!

Healthy Living Week!

Church Remembrance Display

Church Remembrance Display 1 We all helped make the church display.
Church Remembrance Display 2 "We made poppies...
Church Remembrance Display 3 ... to remember the soldiers and sailors."


FIreworks! 1 We are making sparkly fireworks!
FIreworks! 2 I am putting on some stars.
FIreworks! 3 I am making a big firework
FIreworks! 4 My firework is shooting!
FIreworks! 5

Banana buns, yum, yum!

Banana buns, yum, yum! 1
Banana buns, yum, yum! 2
Banana buns, yum, yum! 3
Banana buns, yum, yum! 4

Take a look at a few of our amazing Autumn projects! We had a lot of fun doing them and sharing them with our friends.

Having lunch with Mum!

Having lunch with Mum! 1
Having lunch with Mum! 2
Having lunch with Mum! 3
Having lunch with Mum! 4
Having lunch with Mum! 5
Having lunch with Mum! 6
Having lunch with Mum! 7
Having lunch with Mum! 8

We have been adding two numbers together to find a total and we made own own number lines.

Letter formation

Letter formation 1 We practised writing letters in the sand.
Letter formation 2 Look at the lovely letter 's'.
Letter formation 3 We had fun on the whiteboard.
Letter formation 4 Look at our circle shapes.
We have been learning about Elmer the elephant. We made ears like Elmer's and used them to go on a listening walk. It was really tricky to keep quiet!

We used our Elmer listening ears!

We used our Elmer listening ears! 1

Grandparents Week!


It was lovely to see so many grandparents this week. Look at the fun we had.