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Year 1

Royal Wedding Designers

We wrote Thank You Letters to Aggie from Hilliers

We wrote Thank You Letters to Aggie from Hilliers 1
We wrote Thank You Letters to Aggie from Hilliers 2
We wrote Thank You Letters to Aggie from Hilliers 3

Repairing our Hilliers Nature Curtain

Repairing our Hilliers Nature Curtain 1 Our Nature Curtain is looking a little sad...
Repairing our Hilliers Nature Curtain 2 ... so we are filling it up again.
🍂🌸🌿🌺 We loved our Nature curtain so much that we brought it back to school with us. It is now hanging in the school field where we can spend all playtime caring for it.🌺🌿🌸🍂

A request 😀

Still image for this video
I have been asked for more footage of our “Wobbly Bridge Adventure”. I’ve managed to make a few more of you into ‘Movie 🌟 Stars’!

🥄🥙🍇🍲 Project Homework Reminder 🥒🥗🍡🥣

I hope you have all been having fun in the kitchen, rustling up some delicious, healthy recipes! Project Exhibition & Drop-in is next Wednesday, when we can put together our class recipe book.

Look how our garden is growing!

Look how our garden is growing! 1 We have radishes popping up...
Look how our garden is growing! 2 and baby strawberries growing from their flowers.

Wild flower spotting on the field...

Wild flower spotting on the field... 1 In science we are
Wild flower spotting on the field... 2 spotting and naming
Wild flower spotting on the field... 3 wild flowers.

Earthy Potatoes: how do potatoes grow?

We have been finding out how potatoes start life underground before being picked for us to buy in the shops. Here is our favourite video to share at home.

A great website to try...

We play these phonics games at school, but you can get some extra practise at home.

Tap the www. icon below. When you load the web page, tap on the ‘FREE PHONICSPLAY’ link on the right. 

Try playing some Phase 5 games using alien words and sentences. You can even print off your own set of phoneme cards. 

Drop in if you need any help navigating the website, although I’m sure your children will let you know their favourite games!

🌲🌺🌿What a Wonderful Day Out 🌱🌸🍃

Still image for this video
We had an amazing visit to Hillier's Arboretum, the children learned SO much and had great fun. It's no wonder they were all falling asleep on the way home!
Thank you ever so much to the adults who came to help for the day, we couldn't have done it without you.

Braving the wobbly bridge...

Still image for this video

More Cricket 🏏 skills in the sunshine.

Still image for this video

Perfecting the long throw

Still image for this video

Batting practice

Still image for this video

Sharing work with Owls

Sharing work with Owls 1 Owls class have been writing
Sharing work with Owls 2 about the Titanic.
Sharing work with Owls 3 They shared their work with us
Sharing work with Owls 4 and we loved finding out
Sharing work with Owls 5 such interesting facts.
Sharing work with Owls 6

Mums Join In Day

Mums Join In Day 1 Our mums helped us to
Mums Join In Day 2 make recipe books
Mums Join In Day 3 for play dough.
Mums Join In Day 4 We wrote a list of ingredients
Mums Join In Day 5 then acted out the instructions.
Mums Join In Day 6 We managed to cut out and stick
Mums Join In Day 7 recipe photos in order
Mums Join In Day 8 using 🏆 Mum Power 🏆!

It’s Sunflower 🌻 competition time!

It’s Sunflower 🌻 competition time! 1

All the children have planted a sunflower seed at school. If they remembered to water it, then it may have started growing already🤗.

If your children spend the next few weeks watering, feeding and talking to their sunflower, we will see in July if the flowers have outgrown their gardeners!

There is also a Sunflower Diary to fill in and count the number of leaves on your flower as it grows.🌻

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

One week to go!

just a few reminders:

  • a backpack with a lunch in ( no nuts, please)
  • a waterproof coat ☔️
  • school uniform
  • school trousers or tights ( to protect from ticks) 
  • sturdy shoes or trainers
  • a sun hat ☀️
  • NO spending money required

Please let me know beforehand if your child does not travel well !


🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱

🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 1 We went on a plant hunt
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 2 finding different colours,
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 3 leaf shapes
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 4 and sizes.
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 5
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 6 We counted 48 strawberry plants,
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 7 but no flowers on them yet!
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 8 We spotted...
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 9 leaves, stems,
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 10 petals, pollen
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 11 old leaves in the compost,
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 12 worms, ants
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 13 and a butterfly!
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 14
🌱🌷🌿Spring plant spotting🌿🌸🌱 15

🏏 Cricket skills in the sunshine. 🏏

Picture 1 🥕🥕 Look at this fantastic carrot harvester! 🥕🥕

A Recipe for a Story

A Recipe for a Story 1 We have been collecting cooking verbs...
A Recipe for a Story 2 Mix, stir, chop, whisk, pour, turn.
A Recipe for a Story 3 We have also been acting out kitchen dangers
A Recipe for a Story 4 and how to keep
A Recipe for a Story 5 ourselves safe. 🔥⚡️💧
A Recipe for a Story 6
A Recipe for a Story 7

We have our own miniature garden at school...

We have our own miniature garden at school... 1 We are growing 🌽, French beans, courgettes
We have our own miniature garden at school... 2 butternut squash and 🍓.
We have our own miniature garden at school... 3 With Mrs Barker’s expert help, thank you x

🌳 We love Broccoli! 🌳

🌳 We love Broccoli! 🌳 1 🥦 We found out how broccoli grows...
🌳 We love Broccoli! 🌳 2 ...and designed a broccoli greenhouse. 🥦

Ah, so THAT’S what they were for...

Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 1 Thank you so much for
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 2 the empty shampoo bottles.
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 3 We used them
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 4 to bath
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 5 our pets.
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 6 We are learning
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 7 how to write
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 8 instructions!
Ah, so THAT’S what they were for... 9

Next we will be washing a Wooly Mammoth!

Next we will be washing a Wooly Mammoth! 1 ... and he isn't very well behaved!

Project Homework suggestions...If you are a dab-hand in the kitchen, why not make up your own healthy recipe?

This half-term we are learning all about where fruit and vegetables come from and healthy eating. Your Homework Challenge is to make your own healthy recipe for our Class Cook Book.

Please could you write up your recipe on an A4 sized piece of paper or use the template I have provided. If you need a paper copy, pop in and ask.

Education City Stars

What a lot of busy Squirrels you were over the holiday! Here are my latest stars...

Finn, Ethan, Sami, Sophie, Amelie, Oliver, Tianna, Macie, Joshua E, Isabelle, Olivia, Alfie E.

I have just uploaded lots of new Education City activities so you can practise your fractions, counting in 5s, plants work, phonics and tricky words.Image result for education city

Welcome back, I hope you all had a restful holiday.

We have an exciting half-term ahead, learning all about plants... growing them...drawing them... finding out how they grow...and visiting them on our trip!

We are going to be planting sunflowers at school and I am asking the children to bring in empty yogurt pots ready for us to use next week. Thank you frown.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Phew, what a busy term!


We have worked our socks off this term, time for a well earned rest... except for a small homework challenge! We have now learned all our 'Year 1 Tricky words' and I have set Squirrels the Challenge of practising them over the holiday. I'm sure I can think of a suitable Reward for those of you amazing me when we get back to school.


Also, a strange request, we require a few empty shampoo bottles for our English lessons after the holiday! All will be revealed...

Project Exhibition

Project Exhibition 1 Rabbits came to
Project Exhibition 2 admire our
Project Exhibition 3 homework projects.
Project Exhibition 4 Then we went
Project Exhibition 5 to look at 🦉
Project Exhibition 6 Alice in Wonderland
Project Exhibition 7 homework
Project Exhibition 8 and 🐇
Project Exhibition 9 miniature
Project Exhibition 10 gardens.
Project Exhibition 11

Spring has arrived, So we are bouncing and jumping...

Here we are, keeping ourselves fit and healthy; balancing, climbing, bouncing

and jumping.

🐬🐴 Amazing Animal Projects! 🦒 🐘

Yet again, you have excelled yourselves with a wonderful set of homework projects. Thank you grown ups, for all the time and effort you have spent helping to create these imaginative projects 👍🏽. 

How about getting creative in the kitchen next term? …

🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴

🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 1
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 2
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 3
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 4
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 5
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 6
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 7
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 8
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 9
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 10
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 11
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 12
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 13
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 14
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 15
🌴🌴 Palm Sunday activities 🌴🌴 16

We were welcomed at church for an amazing morning, finding out all about Palm Sunday.

  • tasting fruits for the special day
  • making welcoming flags
  • creating palms leaves
  • baking bread
  • hunting for Palm Sunday clues in the churchyard 

Thank you so much to the great volunteers at our church who gave us such a warm welcome and made the morning so enjoyable.

⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠

⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 1 As well as all this Easter fun...
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 2 We have been...
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 3 Making split-pin animals...
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 4 In DT.
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 5 Sorting animals in Science,
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 6 And counting in 5s in Maths.
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 7 Can you write your numbers to 100 in fives?
⚒Serious, hard work going on...🛠 8 Maybe a Golden Ticket if you bring them in?

I agree Mrs Mannie Golden Tickets for those that complete extra homework. 


Mrs Hodgkinson 

YES! Count how many eggs we have filled now🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

YES! Count how many eggs we have filled now🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 1 🐿 I think we’ve edged ahead of Rabbits Class. 🐰

What a Show! 🐶🐱🐮🐔

What a Show! 🐶🐱🐮🐔 1 Each performance seemed better...
What a Show! 🐶🐱🐮🐔 2 ...and better. Do you think they all deserve...
What a Show! 🐶🐱🐮🐔 3 ...those 3 GOLDEN TICKETS each, Mrs Hodgkinson?

Well done Year 1, your play was truly amazing. I am so proud of every one of you. The singing was stunning and your acting was perfect. So yes I do think you each deserve 3 Golden Tickets! I think I need to print some more off before tomorrow.



Mrs Hodgkinson


Congratulations to all our DECORATED EGG entrants, you showed great imagination 🐔

Congratulations to all our DECORATED EGG entrants, you showed great imagination 🐔 1 Here are just a few of your great designs.


I hope you are enjoying the snow, don't forget to keep practising your words for our Play tomorrow. 

Wednesday is Homework Project day. So add those finishing touches! I can't wait to see which animals you have been finding out about.

A sneak preview of our class play...

A sneak preview of our class play... 1 Thank you for providing such wonderful costumes.

Four eggs full!

Four eggs full! 1

Six more Sleeps until our Class Play!

Six more Sleeps until our Class Play! 1
Six more Sleeps until our Class Play! 2

To say we are excited is an understatement!

Please keep practising your words, well done to Sami, Alfie and Ethan who didn't need their script today smiley.

Our dress rehearsal is on Friday and we have invited Catherington Nursery, so costumes in as soon as possible, please. 


Still image for this video
🔥 We have been practising Fire Safety and what to do in an emergency. 🔥

We are filling Easter Eggs!

We are filling Easter Eggs! 1

Thank you to those of you who have brought in coins to fill our eggs. We have almost filled in 3 eggs and are catching up with Rabbits Class.

February Education City Stars

Well done to Darcey, Marcie and Carina, my homework champions this month🏆.

I have uploaded some new activities for March... log in and check them out🤩.

A Snowy ‘World Book Day’.

Fancy dress Parade

Still image for this video

Here is our new Project Homework

RNLI Colouring Competition

RNLI Colouring Competition 1 Well done to those of you
RNLI Colouring Competition 2 who were busy in the holiday
RNLI Colouring Competition 3 and coloured their picture
RNLI Colouring Competition 4 so carefully.🤩

RNLI teach us about ‘water safety’.

RNLI teach us about ‘water safety’. 1


Still image for this video
Check out the ‘Latest News’ section for more pictures of our fun RNLI talk and news of our poster competition.

What a fantastic set of Explorers!

Thank you so much parents, for all the thought and effort put into such wonderful costumes. Can you spot Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cousteau, Amy Johnson, Neil Armstrong & Lief Erikson, the Viking?

Year 1 Maths Powerpoint

Programming Bee-bots

Programming Bee-bots 1 🐝 Bee-Bot racing...
Programming Bee-bots 2
Programming Bee-bots 3 ...and trying to get your bee-bot...
Programming Bee-bots 4
Programming Bee-bots 5 travel...
Programming Bee-bots 6
Programming Bee-bots 7 a square!

Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗

Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 1 Roast dinner...
Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 2 ...and chocolate pudding😎
Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 3
Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 4
Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 5
Sharing lunch with our adults🍗🥗 6

WOW! What Amazing Explorer Projects. What fantastic projects Year 1. You have all worked so hard. I think you all deserve a Golden Ticket! Who will be the first one to notice this message and let the class know? From Mrs Hodgkinson

Mysterious bag appears in Squirrels’ Class

Mysterious bag appears in Squirrels’ Class 1 Where has it come from?
Mysterious bag appears in Squirrels’ Class 2 Who left it?
Mysterious bag appears in Squirrels’ Class 3 Why is it in our classroom?
Mysterious bag appears in Squirrels’ Class 4 Ahh, a letter...the mystery deepens...

We love our IPads!

We love our IPads! 1 We used them to help design our Explorer Vehicles.
We love our IPads! 2
We love our IPads! 3 and to program a Bee-Bot.
We love our IPads! 4

Did you know, the Bee-bot app is free to download? Why not have a go at home... it’s great fun for all the family!

Project Homework

Just a quick reminder that projects can be handed in this week, on Wednesday 31st January. It has been fantastic to see how children are already ‘experts’ on particular explorers that we are learning about in class. Our dress-up day is next Wednesday, 7th February, I wonder how many astronauts will float into school?

Ball Skills in Action

Still image for this video
Watch some handy ball skills in action, the one-handed bounce and the ‘roll and snatch’.


Still image for this video

Great team-work...

Still image for this video

... with the ‘roll and snatch’.

Still image for this video

Education City


Macie, Sophie, Isla, Edward, Alfie, Ethan, Sami, Tianna, Finn,

Amelie, Niamh, Isabelle, Thomas


What a long 'Roll of Honour' this week, fantastic work everyone... I have added some of our Science work on Materials this week.


“Exploring our World” clay tiles

“Exploring our World” clay tiles 1 First, roll your clay.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 2 Flatten it.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 3
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 4 Carve your design.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 5 Diving into the ocean...
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 6 ... or exploring the jungle.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 7
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 8 Paint your tile.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 9
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 10 Then photograph your finished work.
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 11
“Exploring our World” clay tiles 12

Outdoor games... fresh air and ball skills.

Homework 📚 Update

Well done Squirrels, you all did a fantastic job on your spellings this week!

If you forgot to bring in your spelling book in on Friday, we can stick your new spellings in on Monday. 

Lots of you told me that you enjoyed playing the “O’Clock” game at home. I hope you enjoy cutting out your phonic dominoes this week, you could stick them in your homework book to show me.

Friday is Homework Day!

Here is a copy of the 'Ways to spell at home' idea sheet sent home this week

Have a try and decide which activity is most fun!

Please make sure both your spelling and homework books are in school on Fridays.

Little Robin Redbreast

Still image for this video
Here’s our latest Poetry Performance.

Well done to; Eva, Samuel, Tianna, Alfie, Olivia and Isabelle, who are my Education City Champions this week! smiley

Happy New Year! Here is our Explorers Project for this half-term.

Happy Christmas to you all

Squirrels Class had a fantastic last day of term with a festive lunch, party and team games. Well done Squirrels, your behaviour was superb. Enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed, ready for our exciting new “Explorers” topic.

Picture 1 ‘Decorate a Tree’ competition
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Team balloon challenge
Picture 9

A Freezy-Weezy Snowman

Still image for this video
We have been learning poems by heart, here is our favourite...

Maths- Quarters Day!

Picture 1 We quartered shapes...
Picture 2
Picture 3 Paper chain squares...
Picture 4
Picture 5 Snowflakes...
Picture 6
Picture 7 And wrapping paper
Picture 8 with Mrs Hodgkinson ☃️.
Picture 1 Here are our
Picture 2 quartered pictures
Picture 3 and snowflakes.

More Road Safety

More Road Safety 1 THINK of a safe place to cross.
More Road Safety 2 STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.
More Road Safety 3 Watch out for passing cars!
More Road Safety 4 CHECK again...
More Road Safety 5 ... and walk safely across.
More Road Safety 6 We made it! Brrr, time to go back in the warm ❄️.

Tianna made a Road Safety poster.

Tianna made a Road Safety poster. 1
Picture 1

Education City

The holiday is just around the corner!

If you have a spare moment before the new year, then have a go at your Education City homework and earn yourself a sticker when we come back to school.


Wow, Isabelle, you have had a go already, well done😀

Writing our names

This week the children are really concentrating on writing both their names neatly. Lots of the class are SO close to getting their blue hand-writing pencil and this time of year is a great chance to get in a little extra practise at home...let them write their own cards and gift tags!

Let’s see who can get their pencil in the New Year.

Christmas jumper day, a chance to do some shopping and make some decorations.

Making Advent crowns

Making Advent crowns 1 We learned that the 5 candles represent...
Making Advent crowns 2 Love...
Making Advent crowns 3 Joy...
Making Advent crowns 4 Peace...
Making Advent crowns 5 Hope...
Making Advent crowns 6 And Jesus.
Making Advent crowns 7
Making Advent crowns 8
Making Advent crowns 9
Making Advent crowns 10

Retelling the Nativity story

Retelling the Nativity story 1 Listening carefully...
Retelling the Nativity story 2 Asking some villagers the way...
Retelling the Nativity story 3 Past Herod’s soldiers
Retelling the Nativity story 4 Past some shepherds
Retelling the Nativity story 5 We made it to the inn!
Retelling the Nativity story 6 Who helped us on the way?
Retelling the Nativity story 7
Retelling the Nativity story 8
Retelling the Nativity story 9 We wrote our “thank yous” !

Winter exploring, hedgehog nests and nature art.

Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe 1

We are learning about keeping ourselves safe near roads. We listened for traffic... more next week.

Rain stopped play! We’ll try again NEXT week...

Church Remembrance Display

Church Remembrance Display 1 We made a display for church
Church Remembrance Display 2 We learned about the Catherington memorial
Church Remembrance Display 3 We made a wreath to remember...
Church Remembrance Display 4 ... and wrote thank you cards for the brave men.

Our new topic is 'Toys now and then'

and our focus author is Jane Hissey.