This half term we are thinking about forgiveness in collective worship.
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Year R

Dear Dolphins,

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter holidays and enjoyed lots of time in the sunshine eating chocolate.

I have attached some ideas for some fun learning to try at home. There are lots of ideas so please don't think you have to do them all but they should last you until half term. You can choose whatever you like and have lots of fun with the grown ups in your house.


Stay safe and hopefully we will see each other again soon.

Mrs Burden



On Tuesday 14th April some caterpillars arrived in my house. There are 5 caterpillars in a little pot. At the bottom of the pot is some yummy sugary food for them to eat.

Come back every few days to see the caterpillars changing. Do you know what they will become?

Day One

Friday 17th April- Getting bigger

Monday 20th April- I wonder what is going to happen next?

Wednesday 22nd April- they are starting to make a cocoon!

Thursday 23rd April Now they have made a Chrysalis, what will happen to the Caterpillar inside?

Saturday 24th April Today I moved the caterpillars into a new home ready for when they emerge from their chrysalis

Monday 4th May- Today 2 butterflies emerged! We have given them some sugar water.

Tuesday 5th May- Now there are 4 butterflies!

Wednesday 6th May- Now all 5 butterflies have emerged. This is a picture of their empty Chrysalis.