This half term we are thinking about forgiveness in collective worship.
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Week beginning 8th June

This week our theme is Safari animals.

Which one is your favourite?

We will be looking at the powerpoint 'Going on a Lion Hunt' and writing lists of animals we might see on a safari. Then we will be choosing our favourite safari animal and on the template above, making a factfile about them. We will be writing in sentences remembering our school letters and spaces between our words. We have 6 new topic words to learn the meanings of this week too.


In phonics we are learning to say these blends st sk tr dr gr sl sp cr br st fr and using the phase 4 words and pictures powerpoint to practice saying and writing words with these sounds. We will be using our phonics to label safari animals, you can have a go using the sheets above. Dont forget to practice your phase 3 and 4 tricky words using the website Epic phonics.


We will be looking at a powerpoint about Safari animals and trying to guess which ones they are. Then we will make a safari map, by cutting out pictures of animals, putting them on a map and then labelling them. Labelling them is very important. Resources for this activity are above.


In Maths we are focusing on Estimation and finding one less of a number. Use the Maths pack above. We are also going to use the Snail and the Whale resource to learn about odd and even numbers.


In Outdoor explorers we are looking at leaves. We will learn how important leaves are and collect them from the field to make a leaf animal picture. Resources for you to try this at home are above.