This half term we are thinking about forgiveness in collective worship.
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Week beginning 15th June

Last week in maths we focused on place value. 


On Monday and Tuesday we spent lots of time focusing on making numbers up to 20 and then 50, and spoke lots about how two digit numbers are made up of a group or groups of ten and ones. We used cut outs of crayon boxes with tens frames on the back. The children are familiar with using tens frames, so this helped them visualise how the ten individual items become a group of ten. 


Then on Wednesday we used pictures of groups of objects. The children counted how many and then drew tens frames to show the total amount. 


On Thursday the children were shown how to make a two-digit number in lots of different ways. e.g tens frames, part whole model, numicon, number sentences etc and they had a go at picking a number up to 50 and making it in as many different ways as they could. 


Lastly on Friday we went back to the practical counting using counters and crayon boxes to practise crossing the tens boundaries when adding. 


I have attached the crayon boxes with the tens frames that we used if you want to have a go. I have also attached a pack of learning that has lots of great worksheets you could use instead if that would better suit.