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Summer 2 2022

Week 1

Openbox Theatre

We were so lucky to be able to start our final half term with Openbox who spent the day with us to help us remember our historical knowledge of the Titanic and also help us start our new history topic for this term which is about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. The children had great fun taking on many different roles from passengers to crew on board the Titanic to injured soldiers and nurses on the Crimean front line whilst learn fun and interesting facts.

Phonics - le, el, or al

This week in phonics we focussed on the the core spelling of the "l" phoneme. The children sorted different words according to their spelling and used "best bet" to check when they weren't sure the correct spelling. The children also practised their handwriting skills by focussing on the ascending "l" letter and making sure it reaches the top of the line. The children also became teachers and whiteboards by taking it in turns to "write" mystery "l" words on each others backs for the "whiteboard" to guess by focussing on the shape of the letter being "drawn".

English - The Clockwork Dragon

This week we started our new writing journey based on the story "the clockwork dragon". The children experienced hearing the "terrifying Flamethrottle" dragon flying around them and after listening to a letter received from the Mayor of Cranktown, adopted job roles of the villages to express their viewpoint of Flamethrottle. The children also explored features of a newspaper report in preparation for them creating their own newspaper reports.

RE - Stories

This week the children looked at what a story was and why it might be important. We explored our own understanding of a story before looking at  a variety of different religious stories to discover why they might be read and their importance. The children as a class took a vote as to why a Christian child who went to Sunday school would like to listen to certain stories before thinking about our own feelings towards stories when the story thief came in and tried to ban all our books.  

Week 2 - Bounce for books

Well done to all of seahorses who managed to bounce solidly for 2 whole minutes and thank you to everyone who sponsored them.

English - Adjectives and persuasion

This week in English the children used their knowledge of the features of persuasion along with the use of comparative and superlative adjectives to create advertisement posters to sell their own clockwork toy dragons.

History - Hospitals during the Crimean war

This week the children became proper historians by researching what hospitals were like during the Crimean war. The children used paintings and pictures, facts, and the internet to find out how hospitals in the Crimean War differ from hospitals now. 

Dancing - twisting and spinning

This week in PE the children composed their own group dances using the different  techniques they have learnt over the year. The children focussed on balance and points of contact along with levels and spacial awareness.

Week 3 - Fort Purbrook

The children had a fantastic day at Fort Purbrook this week trying out some different activities such as archery and bouldering, and developing team work skills. The day was made extra special by travelling on the Portsmouth Football Club's coach which was very fancy. Even the odd shower couldn't spoil our great day. Thank you to the team at the Peter Ashley centre and the adults who gave up their time to help us.

PSHE - First Aid

This week in PSHE we learnt about the importance of being able to keep ourselves and others safe and how we might be able to help each other through basic first aid. We learnt how to treat cuts and how the process of looking after someone if they are unconscious.

Science - Summer changes to our field

This week we continued our longitudinal study of our field by reviewing what we had seen in spring and predicting what we might see now in the summer and hypothesising why these changes had occured.