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Summer 2 2022

Week 3




We have been very busy in maths this week using related number facts to solve problems.  We also used our Rekenreks to help us investigate the various outcomes of a word problem we were solving.  

Using Rekenreks to solve maths problems


In history this week, we started learning about Mary Anning’s life story.  The children were read Mary Anning’s story and for each key fact there was a matching picture and the children had to match each picture to the key fact.  These pictures are hanging from our history washing line and we will use these pictures as a visual reminder for each fact! 

Our timeline of photos



This week in computing, the children were learning about the programme ScratchJunior. They learnt what a Sprite is and how to programme it to move around the screen.  They thought about how ScratchJunior is similar but different to the Beebots which they worked with last term.  They were very good!



In design technology this week, the children were learning about where the ingredients for their yoghurt desert come from.  They learnt that yoghurt starts off as milk which is a diary product meaning it is produced by cows. We talked about what other dairy products we knew of too.  The children then thought about fruit and where our fruit comes from.  They knew that fruit grows from seeds and we talked about what fruit was grown in this country by our farmers and the importance of using local ingredients in our yogurt desert for both freshness and for environmental reasons.  They then created a diagram to show what they had learnt. 



This week in writing, the Turtles wrote their seaside poems! The children worked hard to include noun phrases with lots of interesting adjectives, repetition and some children even used a simile and rhyming words! They did so well! 



On Thursday in PE, the children were practising rolls and rocking.  They were wonderful and enjoyed incorporating the PE apparatus into their routines.  The children did so well that they were awarded a golden ticket! Well done Turtles class!

Week 2




This week in writing, we have started our new learning journey where we have started exploring poetry.  At the end of the unit, the children will be writing their own beach poem for our class poetry book which will live in our class library!


We started by reading some poems from a seaside poetry book and sharing our opinions and favourite parts! We then created a bank of words and phrases that we liked reading in these poems.

Reading Seaside Poems

Picking out words and phrases that we like!

Fossil Sharing! Thank you to all who brought in a fossil to share!

Bounce for Books

Week 1




In writing this week, Turtles class began their new unit of work by watching part of the video ‘Something Fishy’ and making predictions about what may happen next. After that we watched the rest of the video and plotted the main events on a story map. 

We have also looked at different adjectives and explored which were the best ones to describe scenes from the video. 



In Maths this week, Turtle class started to explore number pairs. They sued numicon, multilink & unified cubes to show pairs for the numbers 5-10. 



In preparation for Sports Day, this half term Turtle class will be practising different athletic events. This week started by exploring different ways of travelling. 



To continue our writing learning journey, we looked at verbs. We talked about what a verb is and how there are lots of verbs with similar meanings. We read, sorted and talked about a number of verbs that we can choose from to use in our descriptive narrative at the start of next week!

Group Verb Sorting Activity



This week we started our new design technology learning journey. Over the coming weeks, the children will be designing and making a healthy yogurt desert which will be made using local produce and the design will be linked to the celebrations of the Queen’s reign. This week, the children created a company name for their yogurt company and then we looked at a variety of company logos to inspire us to design our own with our chosen name and 2D shapes! They did so well!

Logo Designing

Well Being 


This week for our well being time, the children were shown an image of a boy sitting on a bench looking lonely and unhappy. The children talked about what they understood about the way the boy was feeling based on his body language and what we could do if we saw a child feeling like this on our school playground. The children worked in pairs to show what they would do and it was clear that we have lots of very caring and kind Turtles in our class.

Well Being - Friendship and Caring for others - Drama Activity



This week we completed our RE learning journey about God. The children were shown an animation of the Christian parable of The Lost Son and learnt about what this story teaches Christians about God. They learnt that God is a forgiving father just like the father of the story of The Lost Son. The children thought about what it means to forgive and be forgiven and how we feel when we forgive others or they forgive us. There was a lot of great discussion this week in class with lots of the children sharing their thoughts.