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Summer 2 2021

Final week at Catherington

This week we say our final goodbyes to our amazing Year 2's. We have loved having you all and you should all be proud of yourselves for what you have accomplished and achieved. You are now going on to bigger and better things and we wish you all the very best.

Year 2 Graduation

The whole school came together to congratulate Seahorse Class for successfully completing and graduating from Year 2. 

Leavers Service

Seahorse's went to All Saints Church to share their favourite memories of their time at Catherington and sing some of their favourite songs with the rest of the school.


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Year 2 End of show production

We are so proud of the children. They have worked so hard remembering, lines, movement, and words and actions to songs. Seeing them perform over the last couple of days and the joy they have had doing it shows that all that hard work payed off. Well done Seahorses, you are all superstars!!

The Seahorse Euro 2020 book final

During the Euro 2020 championship, we ran our own knockout tournament. Each child picked out a country to represent and the winner would win a book from our hamper. Monday was a bittersweet morning as nobody quite expected England to go all the way to the final. However, we relived the historic moment cheering and groaning through the highlights. As it was such a historic moment we felt that both the finalists deserved to win a book so huge congratulations to Isla (England) and the tournament winner Oscar (Italy).

Maths - Measurement

This week we have put our knowledge of standard units of measurement by estimating and measuring accurately our friend's height, the weight of different objects, the temperature of different areas, and capacity of different water bottles.

English - Tell me a dragon

This week the children examined the book "Tell me a dragon" and found all of the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in the text. The children then used these words to create beautiful descriptive writing for their own dragons which they enjoyed designing.

History - Mary Seacole homework

This week we celebrated the children's fantastic hard work by sharing their Mary Seacole medals. The children were able to talk about how they made their medals and the reasons for the symbols, pictures and words on them. It was lovely to hear about all the different bits of information the children had found out about Mary Seacole's amazing life. On Friday we invited Year R and Year 1 to come and admire our homework. Thank you parents for all your support.

Phonics - Suffix -ly

This week the children have been learning the correct spelling rules when adding the suffix -ly to different root words. The children were set a challenge of sorting root words, with its correct -ly suffix spelling, and to make it trickier, an incorrect spelling of the suffix -ly.

Maths - Money

This week the children have reviewed their money knowledge by practically working out different ways amounts can be made by combining various amounts as well as working out how much change you would get back if you spent a set amount and paid with either 50p, £1 or £3. We used Mick Inkpen's story "The Pet Sale" to work out which animals the children could by with a set amount and how much money they would have left over.

English - nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs

This week the children started their last writing journey "Tell me a dragon". The children used these 4 types of words to label different pictures of dragons with expanded noun phrases and write sentences about their chosen dragon's appearance and personality. To insure the children were confident about these words they were set a challenge of sorting words into the 4 different categories before writing their own complex sentences.

Maths - Fractions

This week we have developed our understanding of fraction by investigating fractions of amounts. The children started by practically using equipment and working out halves, quarters and a third of amounts. The children then used their division knowledge to show their working out of fractions and then combined all their knowledge by solving fraction challenges. 

Music - beats

This week we continued to use the themes of minibeast to look at how beats are put together to create rhythm. The children explored how many beats / syllables were in the names of different minibeasts and played around with their order to compose different verses.

Sports Day

The children showed fantastic courage and teamwork whilst having lots of fun participating in our sports day. The children took part in different sporting activities before taking on the 3 legged race and sprint. Throughout the children cheered each other on and celebrated their friends success. Well done Seahorses - you were all well deserving winners. 


The children had a fantastic day at Calshot by being courageous and trying out a range of different activities including - rock climbing, bouldering and sliding down a ski slope on giant rings. The children were also given the opportunity to show some of our school values by having to work together to complete challenges. The children had to listen to each others ideas and work out the best way to solve problems. 

History - Nurturing nurses

This week we were very lucky to have Laura Murdoch come in and talk to us about how Florence and Mary started the change in how patients are looked after in hospitals. She told us how equipment and uniforms have changed to insure patients get the best service possible. The children really enjoyed exploring the different equipment nurses use nowadays and comparing them with what Florence and Mary may have had to use.

Phonics - drop the y add ies

This week in phonics we have been learning when to apply the spelling rule of dropping the y and adding ies with nouns and verbs ending in a y. The children had to match words with pictures before writing sentences using the correct ending.

Maths - Fractions

This week the children have been exploring fractions. At the start of the week the children found and recognised halves, quarters, a third, and two fourths of shapes. We then moved this on to explore fractions in length and the children were set the challenge of finding different objects and measuring them and then finding fractions of the total length.

PE - Athletics

This week in PE the children were exploring body position and change of direction. The children played several games where they had to change their position to enable a quick change of direction. The children then did several cone relays where they used the running track to run to different cones and back. To finish the teams had to work together to complete a snake relay.

The Art of Brilliance or The Science of Flourishing

This week we were fortunate enough to work with Will Hussey and explore the art of brilliance. We had an enjoyable three days looking at we can see things differently, how we can change our mindset from accepting okay to striving to be our very best and how it is normal and everyday life to make mistakes but its how we react to them that makes the difference.