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Summer 2 2021

Last Monday as a Year 1! ❤️

Turtle Class Party!



In georgraphy, the children have enjoyed using Atlases to find the different continents of the world and also enjoyed singing the continents song! More recently, they have been learning about the human and physical geography of Portsmouth seafront and sorting images of examples of each of these.



In history lessons, the children have been learning all about Mary Anning. They have learnt lots of facts about her life and have talked about the impact her life’s work has had on others. We created concentric circles of different groups of people affected by Mary Anning to show this. 

Happy birthday Francesca! Thank you for the wonderful book!

Well done Turtles! Your homework was AMAZING 🤩

This half term in RE, Turtles have been learning about the Hindu faith and how they view creation. This week we read statement cards about why some Hindus might tell the creation story. We then voted which one we thought was most relevant. 

Religious Education



In maths this week we have been learning about halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. We started the week by cutting out shapes and folding them to find half and then quarters. We also answered challenge questions! By the end of the week we were finding halves and quarters of an amount of things. We talked about a half as being 2 equal parts and a quarter as being 4 equal parts. ⚪️🔶🟩




This week we have watched the video ‘The Lighthouse’ as a stimulus for our writing. We thought about the story and what the lighthouse keeper would be thankful for. The children then acted out parts for the story to secure their understanding. They were all fabulous! 😁




We have been writing words outside in chalk this week as we practice our sounds. We have learnt ‘le’ for ‘l’ like castle ⭐️


Well done Team Turtles! You are amazing and showed so much perseverance! Super super stars 🏆🎖

Spellings and Phonics


This week we have been practising our tricky words using bubble writing, rainbow writing and pyramid writing. In Phonics we have learnt the sounds gn for gnome and wr for write! 




The Art of Brilliance


We were very lucky to have Will Hussey visit us last week to work with our wonderful children in the art of being brilliant. One of the activities was to learn a new skill. The children were inspired by the videos of masters of these skills and engaged in the process really well - as you can see by the concentration and determination on their faces! 

Maths - Odd and even numbers


Last week, the Turtles did lots of learning about odd and even numbers inspired by the maths story of, ‘Even Steven and Odd Todd’. They used different models, images and practical resources to think about what numbers are odd and which are even and what they look like. Here are some photographs of how the children used part-whole models and Multilink to help them solve their challenge problem at the end of week. They did so well! 

Writing - Advertising Posters


The first writing learning journey of this half term has been inspired by the book, ‘She Rex’! The focus of this unit is to create an advertising poster to sell a She Rex.  In this learning journey, the children have looked closely at the language used by the author and sorted verbs and adjectives in the process. They have written persuasive questions, created noun phrases to describe their dinosaur and they have imitated the author’s writing to create their own brilliant version of a specific extract. The children designed their own She Rexes and have just finished creating their advertising posters!