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Summer 2 2019

Summer 2, Week 5


We are now racing to the finish line of the summer holidays! Two weeks to go! 😭


Next week will be full of excitement!  I for one cannot wait for you all to perform your end of year production of, ‘Eddie The Penguin Saves The World!’ You have a dress rehearsal first thing in the morning to the rest of the school and then an exciting 4pm performance to your wonderful families and friends! Remember, you won’t be going home after school, you’ll stay with me until your performance at 4! You’ve all worked incredibly hard and I know everyone is going to love it! 


In English next week, you will be starting a new learning journey which will lead to an exciting descriptive piece of writing stimulated by an image, that I know you’re going to love. On this learning journey, you will be thinking about nouns and interesting adjectives to describe them, verbs, adverbs to add detail to the verbs and prepositions for place. 


In maths this next week, we will continue our learning with multiplication and problem solving. You did some impressive reasoning last week - all of your teachers were amazed by your understanding and explanations. I look forward to seeing more of this next week before we move onto division. 


In RE, we will be continuing our learning about the gospel and you will be thinking about and discusing the ‘good news’ that Jesus brings to Christians. 


In Science, we will be learning about food chains! You will be playing a sorting game and thinking about what the food chains you look at have in common.


On Wednesday, we have a trip to a Romsey Abbey for your year 2 leavers service.  You will present your fantastic bee art work, your learning about the importance of bees to the world and how we have been acting a stewards of the world to take care of this important creature.  You will be also be singing the songs you have been practising in singing worship and sharing the prayer that you wrote on Friday. I’m looking forward to this special experience.


It’s going to be a fantastic week! 

See you all in the morning ready to perform! 

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 2, Week 5

Making a bee bath!
Our bee canvas for Romsey Abbey
Fact finding about bees!

Summer 2, Week 4


Seahorses, I cannot quite believe we only have 3 weeks left and that you will be having your transition mornings at your new schools on Wednesday morning!


Next week in English, you will be assessing and editing your letters to A. Wolf - you have all shown that you express strong opinions through your writing!  


In maths, we will be moving onto multiplication.  We will be reminding ourselves about what multiplication is and representing multiplication calculations in a variety of ways including: as an array, a bar model, a part-whole model, a repeated addition, an image or picture, in words, as the inverse, with Numicon and as a mathematical story!  We will do some work on reasoning and some problem solving which include all of the above!  It’s going to be lots of fun! 


This week, we will be furthering our research in school about bees and their habitats.  We will also think about how we help to support the local bee population on our school grounds.  Our aim will be to produce a factfile of information about these amazing creatures and the important role that they have in our world.  This information will then be shared with other schools at Romsey Abbey next week along with your beautiful class art work that you produced with Mrs James on a Friday.


We we will also be rehearsing our fabulous performance ready for next week!  The children are wonderful little actors and actresses in the making and are thoroughly enjoying the process!  Thank you parents for all of your support with learning lines and sorting costumes - it’s very much appreciated! 


I am looking forward to a fun filled week!

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 2, Week 3


Well done one for working hard this week Seahorses! 


Last week, you did some super measuring in maths both for weight and temperature.  You enjoyed planting thermometers around the school and then reading the temperatures as well as using scales to compare and weigh different classroom objects.  Next week, you will be earning about capacity and then sorting and comparing 2D shapes. 


In writing, you thought about whether or not you believed A. wolf’s ‘true story’ and were amazing at Sharing your opinions and giving reasons using the text. I loved listening to you all debating with each other over the ‘truth’.  You did work on different sentence types and contraction’s too.  Next week, you will be planning and writing your letters and I know they’ll be wonderful!


The songs for our year 2 production are coming along nicely - you are amazing singers! Next week, we will be practising our song with a bit of acting! I hope you know your lines! 


Sadly due to the very wet weather last week, we couldn’t go outside to hunt for living creatures around our school so fingers crossed we will be able to do this next week.


Thank you dads for your visits this week, we loved having you all! I hope you enjoyed being part of our wonderful class! 


Well done Eva for taking up my home learning challenge last week! Those cookies were delicious! Mrs Grant and I thoroughly enjoyed them!!


I hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine yesterday!  Remember, to bring your hats and suncream next week as I think we are forecast some lovely weather! I look forward to seeing you all in the morning!


Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 2, Week 2


Well done for being so fabulous this week Seahorses! Hopefully you are all pleased with your parts in our class production this year! Make sure you spend lots of time learning your lines at home.


In maths last week, we continued with our work on money and calculating using pounds. I was so impressed that Eva took up the challenge of creating her own shopat home. Well done you! I have posted the pictures below. This week, our focus in maths will be on measures, starting with mass. We will compare the mass of different objects first and then think about what they weigh using scales. 


In English next week, we will continue with our writing learning journey using, ‘The True Story of The Three Little Pigs’. Our focus will be using adventurous adjectives, contracting words and using them in sentences and writing using a range of sentence types (statements, questions, commands and exclamations). 


In Science, we will be looking for living creatures around our school - some of your dads will hopefully be joining us for this! We will take photographs of what we find and where we have found them. 


We we will also be evaluating our glove puppets which are now finally finished! 


Home learning ideas:

This week at home to support unit maths, you could practise measuring ingredients for a recipe and create something delicious with the help of your parents. To support your science, you could explore your back garden, look for living things, take photos of them and bring them to school to show us or email them to the office!


I look forward to another fabulous week Seahorses!

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 2, Week 2

Eva in her shop!
Well done for showing your calculating!

Summer 2, Week 1


Well done Seahorses for working so hard this week.


In writing, you continued writing your newspaper reports which are sounding wonderful and tomorrow we will start publishing them! Next week, we will also start our new writing unit, where we will revisit the traditional tale of, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will then look at a ‘twisted’ version of the classic tale and think about how similar and different they are from one another. In this writing learning journey, there will also be lots of opportunities to practise our reading skills, with some summarising, comparing, writing a book review and writing a character description!


In maths, we will be learning more about money. We will start the week with some work on giving change and then move onto working with pounds as coins and notes. We will then start some new learning about mass where we will begin by comparing the mass of different items and using the following vocabulary to compare the items: heavier, lighter and equal to along-side these symbols <>=.


In Science last week, the children thought about things that are living, dead and things that never lived. They sorted images into these categories and then went around the school grounds taking photographs on the iPads of different things that could fit into these categories. Next week, they will be sorting these images into a sorting grid and thinking about how they know these things fit under each heading. How do they know something is living, dead or never lived?


Last week, the children learnt TWO songs from their leavers’ production and they sound fabulous - Seahorse, you are wonderful singers! Next week, you will learn two more new songs. I will be continuing auditions on Monday and then I will be allocating the parts and sending home the scripts by the end of the week.


Home Learning Ideas:

Maths: This week, you could spend time creating a shop at home by labelling items from around your house with price tags. You could price your items so that 2-3 items bought together would cost less than £1. Use real money to pay for the items and if you have a toy till, you could use it to make this activity even more fun. Get the children to draw numberlines to add up the amounts and encourage them to find the coins needed to pay for the items.  If you wanted to send in pictures of your activity, that would be wonderful and I would be sure to put them on the website!

Summer 2, Week 1

...around the school grounds...
...things that are...
...or that never lived!