This half term we are exploring the value of Service in Collective Worship
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Summer 2


This week we had lots of exciting events happening. 

Openbox theatre company put on a very funny show.

Millars Ark farm came to visit us. We learnt about lots of different animals and even got to stroke them!


It was wonderful to see all your homework this week Dolphins. You all worked very hard at home, well done.

This week we harvested our potatoes and peas. Then Mrs Searle cooked them for us and we tasted them. They were yummy. 

Also this week we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We made odd monsters. We could only put an odd number of arms, legs or eyes on our monster. 


We let our butterflies go this week in the special butterfly garden at the front of our school. Some of us were a little sad to see them go, but it was fun watching them fly away. Look carefully in these pictures and you can just about see them. 

We had a wonderful trip to the church and found out why the church is a special place. Thank you for letting us visit Reverend Richard.


This week we have been thinking about where minibeasts live and how they stay alive. Our caterpillars have now been transferred into their butterfly home and we are waiting patiently for them to emerge as butterflies.  

In maths this week we have been learning about sharing and grouping. We really enjoyed hearing the story ‘The doorbell rang’ it helped use learn how an amount can be shared and what happens when there are some left over. We used the word ‘equal’ to describe the same amount in each group.

At the end we all got to eat one of Mrs Burdens homemade cookies.

In music this week we tried to play an instrument in time with the music. It was great fun.


What a Brilliant week. This week we have been learning how to be the best version of ourselves, how we can be awesome, the importance of thinking differently always trying to think positively.

Will from Art Of Brilliance helped us to understand more about ourselves and how we think. It was lots of fun. 

Also this week we have continued thinking about minibeasts by making drawings and watching our caterpillars go into their chrysalis, it’s very exciting. It won’t be long until they become 🦋 


This week we have started our topic on Minibeasts. 

We had wonderful fun searching for minibeasts on the field, there were some many to find. We looked at them carefully and then put them back where we had found them. 

We have been working really hard on our writing too! 

We are all very excited because some caterpillars have come to our classroom. We are going to watch them grow really carefully and help them turn into butterflies. We all drew pictures of what we thought they might look like when they emerge.

Our new role play is a vets. We are enjoying taking care of different animals.