This half term we are exploring the value of Justice in Collective Worship
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Summer 1


In this final week before half term we have been thinking about transport we use on land, particularly trains.

In maths we had amazing fun paying for tickets to board the skipping rope train! 

In p.e this week we were working hard to throw and catch beanbags. We even tried balancing them on our heads. 

In phonics we have been learning about blends and how they are different to digraphs. We practiced writing and making words with chalk on the playground. 

Our writing challenge this week was all about where we would go if we could travel on a train anywhere! Where would you go? 

Week Five 

This week we have been thinking about how we can travel on water. We have been looking at this book. It has no words so we used our super writing skills to label the pictures and write some sentences to tell the story. 

In discovery time we were challenged to make bridges out of anything we could find. We all earnt golden tickets.

In maths we were learning about subtraction and enjoyed playing a girls against boys game where we had to keep taking amounts away until we reached 0.

We had great fun on the field on Wednesday afternoon and we were lucky to escape the rain!


Another very busy week in Dolphins class.

We are having great fun making our own helicopter stories. We tell Mrs Burden a story, she reads it out loud and then we ask our friends to act it out. It’s great fun being a different character and going off on an adventure.

In discovery time we are enjoying playing with our new small world areas and dressing up as pirates.

Also this week we have been looking after the guinea pigs and we checked on the chickens. 

In p.e we were playing games in small groups. We had to pass a ball around and take turns.

This week is a very special week for Muslims as they celebrate the end of Ramadan (a time of fasting) with a celebration called Eid. On Wednesday we learnt all about this celebration and why it is important. We learnt how everyone is different and different people have different religions. It is important to respect all the different people in the world. One of the children in our class celebrated Eid with her family and told us all about it. 

We watched this video to find out more.


This week we have learnt about Amelia Earhart. She was the first woman to try flying around the world. She is very brave and shows lots of courage. Courage is one of our school Christian values. 

In maths we enjoyed playing snakes and ladders with a friend and thinking about numbers bigger than 20. 

In discovery time we enjoyed pretending to be pirates and playing in the travel agents role play area outside.

Every Thursday afternoon we get time on the bikes. 


This week we have been learning about transport in the past. We did some great writing about the different vehicles. 

In outdoor explorers we had great fun playing with a parachute together, checking on the chickens and planting some wild flowers. 

The best part of the week was playing with the turtles and seahorse children.

P.e was great fun outside! 

In maths we have been making numbers from 10 to 20 using big tens frames. 

Discovery Time

We love our new dolls. 



We have had great fun together this week playing in the sunshine and working really hard. 

In the Autumn we looked carefully at the colours on the field we could find many different colours at all so we thought we would try again now it is Spring time. We found loads of different colours. We decided that Spring is definitely more colourful than Autumn. 

We checked on the chickens as they have now come back to live at school. They loved chatting to us and eating some grass we gave them.

This week we have started a new topic about Journeys. We talked about lots of different types of transport and when we use it. We loved looking at Google earth 🌏 and finding Catherington. 

Discovery time was great fun as always, making models, travelling on a role play bus and building with bricks.