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Summer 1 2022

Week 5




We looked at a variety of pictures that related to the beach and sorted out which adjectives best suited each one. We then wrote descriptive noun phases and sentences.


In our next lesson we looked at a variety of postcards loaned to us by our caretaker Mr Goodhall. His Mum had collected them over many years from all around the world. This helped us identify the key features needed to write a holiday postcard. 

Jubilee Celebrations!

Trash Towers - Team Building Challenge

Trash Towers

The children worked hard as two teams to use the recycling to build the tallest tower! It was a very close finish! Both teams did very well and everyone had fun.



In Maths we started to explore different 3D shapes both inside and outside of the classroom. The children identified the shapes and their properties, using the correct vocabulary. 

In our next lesson we looked at a variety of cylinders and discussed what was similar and different about them.



Back in week 2 we planted some pea, briars bean and courgette seeds. We have been monitoring their progress and we are pleased to report that most have grown leaves and will soon be planted in the ground to continue growing. Well done Turtle class. 

Week 4




This week in English, we started using our new book, ‘At the Beach’ by Rolland Harvey and read about the adventures being had at Crabby Spit! To get a better understanding about what it is like to go to the beach, we worked in small groups to act out a beach scene. The children also thought about how they would be feeling in that moment. They did very well. On Thursday, the children edited a piece of writing using purple pen to practise thinking about where full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks should go. Then today, the children practised using the conjunctions and, but and so in sentences linked with the book. 

Super vocabulary sorting.

Fabulous Freeze Frames!



In art this week, the children used pasta and PVA glue to create pictures of a fish fossil! They produced some amazing pictures and worked so carefully with this unusual art medium! 


This week in geography, the children recapped what the names of the 7 continents of the world are called as well as the 5 oceans. They did this by navigating each other around a world map using compass directions. 

We then used Google Earth to look more closely at Portsmouth harbour and we talked about the differences between a port and a harbour. The children then looked at the different marine vehicles they could find going in and out of Portsmouth harbour. 

Finally, they looked at lots of photographs of Catherington and Portsmouth and they sorted them as a class into the human and physical features of each place. They then discussed what the similarities and differences of these places are.

Science-Looking at all the different trees in our school grounds

Week 3



We went on a walk around the school field to look at all the different flowers and plants we could find. The children were fabulous & showed ‘love’ & ‘respect’ by not picking any of them. 



Photos of flowers found on our school field.


This week, the Turtles wrote their diaries, in first person, as Mr Grinling. The children did an incredible job! They used lots of wonderful vocabulary to describe the food and the Seagulls in the story; they used several coordinating conjunctions including, and, but and so; they used capital letters for the days of the week and to start sentences and they used full stops and exclamation marks to complete sentences. They should all feel so proud of their hard work.


This week, the children sorted images from local seaside towns into two groups: physical geography and human geography. They did very well working together in small groups.


This week, the children did some charcoal drawings of a fish fossil. Next week, they will be doing some 3-D art using this picture!


This week in maths, we were doing lots of counting in 5s, 2s and 10s. The children did lots of problem solving using this counting and they showed their thinking on bar models which was great! They even learnt how to sort multiples of 5 and 10 on a Venn diagram! Well done Turtle class.

PE - Partner work with Mrs Fennell

Circle Time

This week during our well-being time, we went down to the field and played the circle time game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose!’ The children loved it! They listened to each other and celebrated the success of their class friends. We really enjoyed being outside in the sunshine having fun together to finish off a week of working so hard! 

Week 2



This week we continued looking at our book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We acted out some of the scenes and used exciting adjectives to describe the food that was being sent to the lighthouse. All of the children did really well and Mr Dickinson was very impressed with their vocabulary.



The children their seeds with help of Mrs Barker. They planted, peas, broad beans and a few courgettes. We will be looking after them, checking if they need water and monitoring their growth over the weeks. 


This week, the children were directing the Beebots around the mats! They had lots of fun! 😀


This week in art, the children used clay to create ammonites! They looked amazing! The children were given a lump of clay and they had to roll it into a sausage shape before coiling it up and making marks on the top.

Team Building

On Friday, we had a wonderful time playing team building games. The children communicated well to get the hoop all the way around our class circle whilst the children were holding hands! They did it twice. 😀 They also worked in groups of three and four to lift the hoop using just one finger each.


This week, the children learnt that there are 7 large pieces of land on Earth called the continents. We located the continents on our class world map, in our class atlases and we played a matching game with pictures of each continent and their names in small groups. Most memorable of all however, was the continents song that the children learnt! You may have heard it at home! 😀

Welcome back Turtles

What a fabulous first week of the Summer Term we have had, starting lots of new and exciting learning journeys in different subjects.



This week have read our new story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by David & Ronda Armitage. 

We have re-told the main events of the story and plotted them on a story map, as well looking at different adjectives and deciding which ones are the best. We did this using ‘Shades of meaning’, the darker the shade the better the adjective. 

Shades of meaning



Our Science topic this term is plants. We will be planting seeds and observing and recording how they grow. The first thing we did was identify what seeds looked like. The class were given a variety of objects and they had to discuss and decided what were seeds and what were other items. They all did extremely well. 

Seeds or not seeds.


This week the children have focussed on learning new vocabulary, and on Friday, they used the zone of relevance to decide which of the given words best described the seagulls from the story and these words were placed in the middle of the diagram. Then the rest of the words were placed in each of the outer layers with the least relevant words placed on the outside of the circles. The Turtle class listened to each other really well and thought carefully about their word choices.


This week in maths, the children have been learning about mass. They have used cubes and balance scales to find the weight of different boxes and compared them using language such as heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest. On Friday, the children subtracted through mass on a number line! They did some brilliant team work when sharing the scales this week.

Open Box

What an amazing time we had on Wednesday with Open Box! The children loved learning about hot and cold places as well as beaches and oceans through drama. We were very proud of the way they behaved and contributed towards the activities! 


This week in art, the children used charcoal to draw ammonites! They experimented using the charcoal first, by drawing lines and patterns in their art books and then they used photographs to help them draw ammonites. As you can see, they did a fabulous job! 


This week in computing, the children started a new learning journey about robots! They were thinking about what directions are and they directed each other around the classroom. They then looked at the Beebots, thought about what the buttons on the top of them do and then had a go at directing them.

PE - Pair work, throwing and catching!