This half term we are thinking about forgiveness in collective worship.
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Summer 1 2021

Music - body percussion

As part of our Ugandan topic the children have been exploring how African music changes throughout its 54 countries. The children discussed how the music changed depending on tempo, rhythm and instruments and gave personal preferences.

This week the children explored body percussion and after copying some African musicians they had a go at creating their own "follow and echo" body percussion copying their friends.


English - Adventurous vocabulary

This week in English the children compared the illustrations of Kapiti Plain before and after the drought. The children labelled all of the nouns they could see and then set to work of coming up with fabulous adjectives to describe the nouns and really show the contrasting conditions.

As well as this the children were incredibly resilient when they had a go at creating their very own cumulative rhyming tale base around "the house that Jack built".

Daily mile

Since the children have come back in to school together they have been building up their time for the "daily mile" - So far we are up to 7 minutes of continuous moving. The daily mile helps boost mood and can help deal with anxiety as well as a good way of improving physical and mental health. This Friday we joined in with "England does a daily mile day" and completed the full 15 minutes throughout the day. The rain may have stopped us going outside but we still manage the way to keep moving!!

Geography - Africa and the UK

This half term our geography focus is comparing a part of the African country of Uganda with our local known area. To start this topic, we were given lots of different photos of cities, schools, parks, stadiums, and homes. We had the challenge of sorting them out by where we thought they were in the world. This wasn't as easy as we first thought and we were surprised by how many similarities there are between the two different countries.

English - Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain

This week we started looking at our new story, which is an African cumulative rhyming traditional tale. We discussed what we already knew about Africa and then went through the story looking at the language to find what words were specific to Africa and any words we did not know the meaning of.

We also looked at the illustrations in the book and focussed on how the main character Ki-pat would have felt to generate an adjective word bank. 

Maths - number and place value

This week we have focussed on number and place value. We used arrow cards to show the different values of each unit and wrote on whiteboards how the numbers were made.

We explored how a number can be represented in a variety of different ways by choosing a number and showing it in as many different ways we knew. We also had to sort through different number representations and link them with the correct number.

Science - forces

We had great fun this week looking at how different different forces are used to make toys move and  work. We were able to explore a range of different toys which we then had to sort by the different force used - push, pull, spin, roll.

PE - Pilates - a haunted house

We had our first pilates lesson this week and although some of the positions were tricky, we had lots of fun. We focussed on 4 main positions to help us strengthen our core muscles. We used these positions to act out a story of finding and exploring in a haunted house.