This half term we are thinking about Generosity during collective worship.
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Summer 1 2021

This half term we have been thinking about the Christian Value of PERSEVERANCE.




Perseverance is:


Pressing on

Eager to continue

Runnign the rac

Sticking with things

Encouraging each other to keep going

Valuing the support of others

Eyes fixed on the target

Reaching a goal over time

Aiming to complete a task

Not giving up

Commitment to keep going

Ending up where you want to be  



We have shared stories about the determination and courage of Mary and Joseph, the inspirational story of Jane Tomlinson who raised money for cancer research charities despite having cancer herself and the amazing life of Florence Nightingale and the perseverance she displayed to ensure hospitals were a safer place to be.

The children and staff are thinking about what it means to persevere themselves and why is it so important never to give up on things just because they are hard.