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Summer 1 2021

Summer 1 - Weeks 4 & 5


What busy Turtles you have all been! Over the last couple of weeks you have been busy working really hard and your teachers are so proud of you.

In writing, you have written postcards about your beach adventures! This writing learning journey was based around the book, ‘At the beach’ by Roland Harvey. On this learning journey, you have been practising using capital letters and full stops correctly, writing sentences with coordinating conjunctions to join clauses and using noun phrases and time words. You also created some fantastic freeze frames when re-enacting a beach scene.


In maths, you have been using your number bonds to ten to solve problems, working systematically, doubling numbers and counting in 2s using ladybirds with 2 spots and showing your thinking in a tens frame. 

In science, we have been watching our plants grow! They’re really getting big now and we will need to plant them outside this week. You have thought about the question, ‘Do all plants and trees have roots?’ and you went around the school grounds looking closely at plants and trees to see if you could answer this question without moving the plant or tree. Last week, you dissected some flowers and labelled their different parts. I know you had lots of fun doing this. 

In our well-being sessions you have been listening carefully to each other, working really well as a team, learning coping strategies through Trick Box and having lots of fun. One of the team challenges, was to work in small groups to see who could build the tallest tower! They were all super tall and we loved watching you share ideas and responsibilities in order to build a tall tower from junk. You were all very proud of your achievements. 

In art, you have used the iPads to create fabulous ammonite images, you have used clay to do some imprints of ammonites and you even used pasta shapes to recreate the fossil of a fish! You have produced some really spectacular art work.

Our play is going well too. Your singing is so beautiful and many of you have been impressing us with how well you know your lines. Keep up the good work!

Have a fantastic final week of this half term Turtles! 😃🐢

Summer 1

Week 3

We have been lucky enough to be in charge of the guinea pigs this week. We have fed and cleaned them and shown them lots of love too! 

In our Maths lessons we have been working on number bonds to 10 and 20. We have shown this though number sentences, bar models and word problems. 

During our Phonics lessons we have been continuing to learn our alternative sounds. This week we have learnt the different sounds for the ‘ch’ sound for example in school and chord.


We even had time for some Pilates 🧘🏽

Superb week Turtles 😁 


Summer 1, Weeks 1 & 2


What a great start to the Summer term Turtles! 

You have been working so hard in all areas of our curriculum and we are so proud of you all! 

Over the last couple of weeks in maths, our focus has been on place value and showing our understanding of the values of 2 digit numbers using part-whole models, arrow cards, tens frames and pictures. You are starting to work systematically and looking for patterns as you go!

In writing, you have all been using new descriptive vocabulary in both your spoken and written work. This week you did a ‘mini write’ where you produced instructions for how to make a disgusting sandwich and then today you started planning your diary entry as Mr Grinling which you will write next week. 

The art you have produced this week and last is incredible! You have been drawing fossils using charcoal and we are amazed by the standard of your drawings. Just a few golden tickets went out today 😀👍🏻

Our well being sessions have also been going really well and there was some amazing team work shown in your hoop task today so well done!! 

Have a wonderful weekend 😀

Summer 1, Weeks 1 & 2