This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Summer 1 2019

Summer 1, Week 5


I cannot believe it’s half term already! I hope you’ve all got lots of exciting plans.


This week you have been very busy. In English, you all wrote incredible recounts about your adventures at Calshot with fantastic vocabulary, time words and phrases and exclamation marks. The details you all included were super. 


In maths, you have been solving different problems and thinking about the way you are presenting your thinking. After half term, you will be doing some work with subtraction, addition and money. Where ever possible over half term, pay for small items whilst you’re out and about. Can you work out the change you’ll get from £1? 


Today, you decorated your hand puppets with Mrs James and they look so great! We will evaluate them after half term. Your art work has also been wonderful this week, you have created amazing patterns inspired by African prints and used different pieces of classroom equipment to create them.


In RE, you presented your important stories to your classmates - you were all so keen to stand up at the front of the class to share your stories and why they are so important to you. It was wonderful. πŸ˜€


After half term, I will introduce you all to our end-of-year play! You’re going to love it. I can’t wait to start teaching you the songs. On the first Monday back, I will give out some extracts of the play for you to practise if you’d like to audition for a speaking part! I’ll be holding auditions on the first Thursday back at lunchtime! 


Have a wonderful break and enjoy looking at a few snaps from our trip to Calshot on Monday below!


Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 2, Week 5

Ready to climb!
A group selfie!
All harnessed up!
The low ropes!
The Ringos!
Thank you Sami!
All of you and your stories!

Summer 1, Week 4


You all worked so unbelievably hard this week Seahorses and we are all very proud of you.


This week in English, you will be writing your newspaper report about the Clockwork Dragon using your planning sheets. You will also be writing a recount about our exciting trip to Calshot tomorrow! 


In maths, you will be solving a variety of mathematical problems which I know you will enjoy! Please keep practising your counting at home, in 3s, 5s, 2s and 10s. 


In RE, we will be finishing our unit about stories using your homework! I hope you have all found a story that is special to you to bring to school on Wednesday to talk about with your class. Remember, if you don’t want to bring the book to school, you could bring a picture of it instead.


We will also be completing our hand puppets. Feel free to bring in any bits and pieces that you would like to use on your puppet to decorate it, especially if you want to use something specific.


Please make sure that that you bring your packed lunch and a water bottle with you tomorrow for our trip and be prepared for having lots of fun. I cannot wait!! 


See you all bright and early in the morning,


Mes Weight πŸ˜€

Summer 1, Week 4

Acting out a Christian story...
Mr Peach came to visit!
Discussing why stories are important... believers and what is similar about...
...their values.

Summer 1, Week 3


Did you have fun last week Seahorses? I know I did! 


Thank you you to all the mums that came in for mum’s week. I hope you enjoyed getting stuck in and helping your child with their DT project! Seahorses, I was so impressed with the way you tackled learning these challenging sewing skills and the kindness you showed as you helped and encouraged each other, was wonderful to see - pinning a paper pattern is a very tricky skill to learn! Our next step will be to sew the fabric together and then to decorate! 


Last week in maths, you worked really hard learning to tell the time to 5 minute intervals. Don’t forget to continue practising this at home! You also did an investigation about money where you were trying to work systematically to find the solutions. 


In English, we continued with our learning journey leading towards writing a newspaper artical. You finished writing and editing your instructions for how to operate a Clockwork Dragon and then wrote a summary of the story using a variety of conjunctions including: when, if, because, so, and, but and that. 


In RE, we continued our new unit, ‘Stories’ and read a Muslim story called, ‘The Dog and the Well’. There was great discussion about the meaning behind this story. Sami also kindly talked to us about the Muslim stories he has read at home and even showed us the positions he takes when praying to Allah his god. We then looked at the Christian story called, ‘The good Samaritan’ and discussed the teachings behind this story. The children acted out the story and discussed the meaning behind it. Next week, we will look at more religious stories and think about what we can learn from them.


As part of our Queen Elizabeth II topic, we are learning about places named after our Queen. So....on Tuesday, Steve Peach, a ranger at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, is coming to visit us.  He will be talking to us about the work he does at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park just up the road from our school and also the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. It’s going to be fab! 


In in addition to all of this, it’s TUSK WEEK next week!! We have lots of fun activities planned for you all so that you can learn more about this incredible charity. You will also start thinking about how you can be courageous advocates for those animals in need of your voices! 


With so much to look forward to, I can’t wait to see you bright and early tomorrow morning!


Enjoy the sun today,

Mrs Weight πŸ˜€


Summer 1, Week 3

Summer 1, Week 2


What a busy week we had last week Seahorses!


In maths, you all worked hard to solve a variety of problems including those with missing numbers as well as fractions involving shape and number. We ran out of days to look at time problems last week, so that will be our focus on Tuesday morning. We will also do some learning around money next week so have a look at any coins you might have at home and see what amounts of money you can make using a selection of them. 


Our focus next week in mental maths will be times tables so expect to answer multiplication problems for the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables! 


In English, we were getting to know our new text. You did some fantastic learning around the characters and you’re part way through writing a set of instructions to explain how to operate a clockwork dragon! You did some fantastic drama and created useful word banks to help with writing your instruction text. Next week, we will continue our learning journey using the Clockwork dragon and will have a look at example newspaper reports to get an idea of what our final outcome will be like! 


In reading, we will continue to answer questions about a text using our reading strategies including scanning for key words and underlining the evidence we find.


In DT last week, you took a look at a variety of glove puppets that we have at school and you thought about what was good about them as well as things you didn’t like. Next week, you will be designing your own glove puppet and then you will start creating a pattern and sewing! 


I look forward to seeing many of your mums over the next 3 days!

see you in the morning Seahorses!


Mrs Weight πŸ˜€

Week 2

Sorting adjectives on the zone of relevance
Explaining our word choices
Isla read us some poems!
Darcey read her own book!
Creating an adjective word bank
Testing glove puppets
Matilda reading us a dragon story

Summer 1, Week 1


Welcome back Seahorses! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break - I know I did! 


Last week, you were solving a selection of maths problems. You looked at finding vertical symmetry in 2D shapes, measuring lines in centimetres using a ruler and drawing rectangles by measuring their sides in centimetres. Then you looked at problems involving filling in the gaps on different scales and you explored an investigation that required you to use a number of mathmatical skills in order to find the answers.


Next week, you will be looking at missing number problems, fractions of numbers and shapes and you will look again at telling the time! It would be great if at home this week, you could practise telling the time using an analogue clock (a clock with hands!). I would also love for you to practise counting in 3s and forwards and backwards in 5s! If you wanted to, you could do more number line practice solving addition and subtraction number problems involving 2-digit numbers!


In writing last week, you finished editing your writing from before Easter using ‘editing stations’ and you were introduced to our new text driver - ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ by Jonathan Emmet and Ely’s Dolan through an exciting drama activity. We haven’t read the book yet so don’t be tempted to take a sneaky peak just yet or you’ll spoil the surprises! This week, the children will be getting to know the text through reading and writing activities that will help them to infer, predict and gather vocabulary. 


Please make sure you are all changing your home/school reading books as often as you need to and recording your reads in your reading diary. Mrs Grant and I want to see more of you receiving raffle tickets on Friday for 4 or more reads at home! Remember to talk about what you have read, think about your expression when reading aloud and get your parents to question you about what you have read.


In science, we looked at the results of our plant investigation (I took good care of the tests during the Easter break!) look below for the photographs. We thought about our results and what we have learnt. We now know what plants need in order to grow big and strong!


Next week in R.E, we will be finishing off our learning about the Christian festival of Easter by thinking about what heaven would be like and then summarising our thoughts about why Easter is so important to Christians.


See you tomorrow!

Mrs Weight 😁

Summer 1, Week 1

Our results!
The children taking a closer look...