This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Summer 1 2019

Week 5. Sorry for the lack of pictures this week but I did captured the moment the children posted their letters to Prince Harry. What a proud moment for them all! In English this week we were editing these letters and publishing them onto special paper in our neatest handwriting. In Maths the children were solving place value problems to 100, over the half term it would be fantastic to carry on this practise. Ask them about the tens and ones in a given number, can they show you this? In Phonics we have been continuing to review all our sounds and blending the longer words with alternative sounds. Have a restful half term Turtles, you deserve it!

Week 4


This week was very important to us at Catherington Church of Infant School as we learnt all about the charity TUSK. We researched facts on the computers and used books to find general facts about the elephants. Then we learnt about how TUSK was helping and what they were protecting them from. We felt very passionate about this so we wrote letters to the TUSK charity supporters such as Prince Harry to express our concern but also gratitude that he was helping too. We raised £179 this week all of which will make a difference. A huge well done! 

Week 4

Week 3


Thankyou to all the mums that came in to share mums week with us. It was wonderful to see you all and a chance for you to live the afternoon like a turtle! We have been working so hard on our planets and making sure we use lots of different styles of art for our final masterpiece! 



Week 3

Week 2


This week in Maths we have been continuing to learn how to read, write and count numbers to 50. We have been playing a variety of games to help us do this including snakes and ladders! 


In English this week the children have been learning how to use an exclamation mark. We have used this to write lost posters for the toys from our book lost in space. The children also used persuasive writing! In Phonics this week we have been blending by jumping on the sounds, we have also been batting as we blend. It was a lot of fun! 


In our topic lessons this week the children have been learning the history of space travel, using paint to make different patterns and watching our plants grow. 


A brilliant week Turtles🤩

Week 2

Our seeds are growing🌼
Bouncy blending in phonics
Learning about the timeline of space travel
Batting sounds in phonics
Matching different ways to make teen numbers
Making hidden meaning boxes in RE
Snakes and ladders to learn our numbers to 50

Week 1 


Welcome back to the Summer term! The Turtles have had a brilliant start and have come back looking and acting so grown up! 


This is week in Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding halves and quarters of shapes, quantities and objects and some have been experimenting in 2/4’s! 


In English this week we have been looking at our new text: Toys in Space. We have been immersing ourselves with characters and getting to know how they would have felt in Space. We have been learning how to use an expanded noun phrase by learning what an adjective is. We finished off the week by writing a character description about our chosen toy from the book. 


Phonics this week has been a recap of our sounds learnt so far. We have been re learning our alternative sounds and learning how to blend them in a word. This weeks homework that was send home was reinforcing this. That booklet is to practise with at home, it does not need to come back to school as we are working on another one. The words with the alien pictures can use any alternate sound.


In R.E this week we learnt what a parable was and we read the story of the two sons. We acted this out in groups so maybe you could show someone at home? In Science we have been watching our chosen tree change throughout the seasons and we observed it’s change this week. Can you remember how our tree had changed? In Topic this week we learnt about the first moon landing and we reinacted it too! 


A wonderul start back, well done ⭐️🌟⭐️