This half term we are exploring the value of Justice in Collective Worship
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Spring 1 2021


Doing the right thing even when things are difficult 


This half term we are exploring the third of our Christian values:





We are thinking about what courage means, why it is important to be courageous and stand up for what we know to be right and listening to stories about people who display courage in times of difficulty.


We will heard about Paul who had great courage and faith in God during a stormy journey across the sea.  Listen in awe at the story of David and Goliath and reflect on how God helped David overcome his fears by choosing to do the right thing and we will also be thinking about two courageous people: Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Mandala.


We are reflecting about courage with this prayer:

Lord help us to be courageous when we are faced with something that is difficult.  Help us to be brave enough to do the right thing, not the easy thing.  Help us live our life with courage as Jesus did.



If you have time, maybe you could read the story of The Selfish Crocodile with your child and talk about the courage shown by the mouse.