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Spring 2 - 2023

Week 3

PSHE: Taking care of things.

This week we looked at how we look after things. We talked about responsibility and what it meant to look after something. The Turtles had mini turtles that they looked after for the afternoon and we also brought a class plant. The Turtles will be responsible of watering and making sure it is in the best spot for sunlight. Helpers will have this class job!🌻


This term in music, we are learning about timbre. We are using percussion instruments to explore different sounds. This week we imagined a castle and played instruments to portray the sounds we could hear. 🎶

CM sports football lesson ⚽️⚽️

Science: Materials

This week in science, we continued our learning about materials by labelling the objects around our classroom. We used scientific language to describe the different objects. 


In history this week, the children were learning facts about each of the three queens. They also learnt about a key event from each of these eras! They were given these pieces of knowledge and asked to sort them.

Computing - Grouping objects to make counting easier

Week 2

World Book Day

Art - Mark making using pencil and drawing a portrait

Week 1

Writing - Jack and the Beanstalk

This week in writing, we started our new learning journey driven by the classics tale of, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children started the week by listening to the story and acting it out, and then they ordered the main events of the story on a story map and thought about how traditional tales, like this one, start and finish. We also talked about the repeated phrases within this story and the children enjoyed joining in with these when reading the story together. 


The children then thought about adjectives! They used some new vocabulary linked to the story as well as their own fabulous contributions to describe things in the story. The children recorded their adjectives on post-it notes and stuck them onto the pictures from the book. They then used them in sentences and recorded their adjectives in their books. 

Gymnastics - Bouncing and jumping!

In gymnastics this week, we learnt about bouncing and jumping. The children learnt how to safely land and the difference between a bounce and a jump. We even did a bit of log rolling too! The children used their ways of travelling to move around the room and used the space in the hall well. The children worked really hard and were amazed at how exhausted they felt at the end of the lesson! Their hearts were beating super fast!

Computing - Grouping Data

In computing this week, the children were learning about the importance of labels and how a search engine will use these labels attached to images to find what you have searched for. The children grouped different pictures and physical objects from around the classroom under given labels. They did a great job and worked really well in small groups.

Jumpstart Jonny

On Friday, the children enjoyed a bit of Jumpstart Jonny - Freeze! They loved it!