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Spring 2 2022

It’s the holidays!

Happy Easter everyone.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful break, enjoying time together. We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. 


Have an egg-cellent time,


Mrs Bickley-Vaile & Mrs Weight. 



Easter Card Making!


This week in computing, we learnt about what the word properties means and talked about the properties of different objects and how a computer can use these to identify an object and sort one from another. Today’s focus was on colour. The children did an amazing job finding objects and sorting them in teams by the property of colour.


The children finished their bridges this week and they did so incredibly well! They all earned Golden tickets for their amazing teamwork. They talked about what was successful about their build, how many goats (sticks of multilink) they managed to stand on their bridge and what they would do differently if they were to make a bridge again. Here are the Turtles in action!


This week in history, we sorted pictures of the transport, food, clothing, toys and housing of each era between the three queens - Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II. The children though carefully about why they matched each set of images to their chosen queen and we discussed our key question again, ‘Which Queen reigned at the best time?’ I know which era I prefer! 


In our RE lessons this week we have been leaning about the Christian celebration of Easter. We started by looking at the season of Spring and how it represents new life. Despite the ‘April showers’, we went outside and saw plenty of signs of Spring. 

Disco Time!



In design technology, the children have been practising different techniques to help them create a bridge (freestanding structure) that the Billy Goats Gruff can cross to avoid the hungry troll!! Here are some pictures of the children in action! They have now designed their bridges and will build them next week! 😀

Prop preparation!


This week, the children helped to paint and colour props for our play! We had lots of fun! 



In history, the children have been learning about Queens! They have been thinking about Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II and thought about some significant events which happened during their reigns on the throne.



This week, the children looked at different sets of instructions, before writing instructions to help Little Red Riding Hood manoeuvre around the woods to Granny’s house as the final write in their learning journey. They used time words and phrases, prepositions for place, fabulous adjectives, imperative (bossy) verbs and many of the children even mastered the layout too! Well done Turtles! 🌟👍🏻



over the last couple of weeks, the Turtle class have been working with money! They have been adding 10ps, 1ps and 2ps to make different amounts. The even showed their understanding using bar models and part-part-whole models! 



For our gymnastics lesson this week the children explored how they could perform different balances on the playground. It was very interesting to see how the children roe to the challenge of using different aspects of the playground. 



This week we started our design technology unit for this half term all about structures! The children looked at different structures and started learning some new vocabulary linked to these structures. Next week, the children will be faced with a problem...



In computing, the children have been learning about labelling and grouping objects. They are learning that computers know things because humans have provided them with that information! 

The Winchester Science Centre School Trip


What an amazing day we had!! The children were incredibly well behaved and got stuck in with the activities. During our workshop, the children worked in teams to design a rocket. Initially, they concentrated on the appearance of their rocket and the designs were fabulous, but after testing our rockets, some proved to be too heavy and didn’t travel very far. The children evaluated their designs and made sensible changes - considering aerodynamics and this proved to be effective, as all of the rockets travelled further the second time around!


Here are a few snaps of the fun we had! 



This week we looked at classifying materials into groups according to their properties. Can you guess why the children have grouped them? 

They then ordered their materials from the ‘worst’ to he ‘best’ material for making a toy aeroplane. 


This week we looked at the alternative spelling for ‘u’ sound as ‘o’. 




In maths this week, we have been learning about the value of numbers. We have explored 100 squares and looked for patterns between the numbers. We have used number lines to show counting forwards in 10 and to show counting forward and backwards by one. The children are getting very good at this! Then yesterday, the children thought about how many 10s and how many 1s made up each of the numbers they were given. To help them, the children used sticks of 10 multi link cubes and individual cubes to show these numbers before recording this information into a place value grid! 



This week in writing, we started a new learning journey using the fairy tale Jack and the beanstalk. The children have been retelling the story, reordering the main events on a story map, creating a bank of adjectives and then using them in sentences. The children also learnt about the suffixes er and est and had a go at changing a set of adjectives using these suffixes to generate a new set of words. They then went on to put these words into sentences. Yesterday, we revisited prepositions for place and wrote about parts of the story using these ‘where words’.

The Easter Production


As some of you may already know, Turtle class have started practising their Easter production. This week, scripts and lines have been sent home for those who have speaking parts. The children have started learning some of the songs too and are already sounding amazing! If your child has some lines to learn, please could we ask that you help them to do so at home? Information regarding costumes will follow soon.



This week, we finished off our geography learning journey about the United Kingdom. We looked at maps of the UK and used the key to find out more about where National Parks, Seasides, Ports and the big cities are on these maps to help us decide which country we would most like to live in. In the final part of this learning, the children made their choice and gave reasons for it.