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Spring 2 2021

Week 3


This week in Maths we continued our learning about money. We solved practical problems to order, add and subtract in Mrs Reeves’ ice cream shop 🍦 


In English we wrote our instructions for Little Red Riding Hood to help her get to Grandma's house. We used prepositions, adjectives, imperative verbs and time words! Amazing work 🌟


In the lead up to Easter we zoomed Revered Richard to observe how the church was preparing for Easter. We talked about the importance on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday for Christians. 

In DT we made our model homes. A lot of thought went into the process and I am so proud of how well the children took on this activity and worked as a team to support each other. Next week we will be evaluating what we made. πŸ πŸ›–β›ΊοΈ

Mrs Reeve 🌈🍎

Week 2 


Well done Turtles, another brilliant week! 🌟🌈


This week in Maths we have been learning about money. We have been recognising coins and buying items in Mrs Reeve’s shop! 

In English this week we have been learning about writing instructions. We have found features, learnt about imperative verbs and continued our work on adjectives. 

In Science we completed our first investigation into materials. We tested which material would be most affective in slowing down a car 🚘. The children came up with some fantastic predictions and worked so well as a team! 

On Friday, we learnt about comic relief and what our money does to help others. We watched a video about a boy called Ethan and talked about what we were doing to help. We learnt that comic relief wanted us to use our super power of being funny to raise money and awareness so we made superhero masks and told jokes! 


First week back at school 🍎🀩


Firstly I’d like to say how proud I am of each and every one of you. Coming back to school has been exciting and full of fun but also tiring and hard work! You have all given it 100% and we are all so impressed with you. 

This week in English we have been writing our stories from Jack and the Beanstalk, we planned it out, thought about all the thing we wanted to include and then got writing! At the end of the week the children edited their work and checked off whether they included capital letters, full stops, prepositions, adjectives and time words! 🌟 


In Maths, we have been using number lines, ten frames and lots of concrete resources to learn about place value and adding or subtracting numbers up to 20. We have been problem solving and reasoning too! 

We worked on our DT project this week and learnt about the interiors of homes. We practised making things to go inside such as chairs, tables and even lamps! Please bring in any recycling you have, we are quarantining them all! βœ”οΈ

Well done again Turtles 🌟 See you Monday 🌟🍎🐒 

Back to school! 🍎

🌈 Our class rainbow 🌈

Welcome back Turtles! 

We have had a fabulous day today! It was so lovely watching you catch up with your friends and hearing all of the wonderful things you have been up to. 

Today we focused on team building so we made a new class display, this helped us talk about our feelings. We talked about who we missed, what we were worried about, any skills we had learnt and who we loved! We displayed this by making a rainbow with our hand prints! I’ll attach a picture tomorrow when it’s complete! 🌈 


We also read the book ‘The worry monster’ this helped us explore how we were feeling about coming back to school. We sorted out worries and then made collages to express this. 

We even had time for phonics, guided reading and spent some well deserved time on the field. So proud of you all 🐒