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Spring 2 2021

Week 6 - Wishing you and all your families a very HAPPY EASTER break.

It wouldn't be an Easter break without and Easter Egg hunt. The children found out that their Easter Eggs had been locked in a vault and had to crack the code to unlock the door. The children had to go around the school to find the hidden clues and letters to help them. 


Art and History - Milliners and Titanic

Over the last couple of week the children have been looking at different Milliners and their different hat designs for inspiration to design and create their own hats. This week the children made their hats and then put on their own Titanic hat fashion show to show off their designs.

Maths - Fractions

This week in maths the children have been developing their mathematical knowledge of fractions by recognising and writing fractions of shapes and amounts focusing on 1/4, 1/2, 2/4, 1/3, and 3/4.

Week 5

In RE this week we explored further how Easter is an important time for Christians and how it is "the big story" in the bible. The children created freeze frames of different parts of the story they felt were important or showed where Jesus forgave us. We then looked at the Big Frieze and found all the references to the "big story".

This week in English we have used the short film "once in a lifetime" by John Gulledge to explore the effect of powerful vocabulary to tell a narrative. As the story has no words the children have played around with using different nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs to capture the story.
In science this week the children were testing the properties of different materials to see which materials would be best to keep us dry. The children experimented by pouring water over different material covers to see how well it the toys inside dry. The children then ranked the materials from best to worst on how waterproof they were.

Week 4

In PSHE this week we explored "what is fun" and "what is not fun." The children explored different scenarios and had to decide whether or not they thought it was fun or not. We then explored how sometimes things can start of as fun but then get taken too far and how we can communicate to let people know that it has stopped being fun. 

For art this half term the children are exploring the art of "millinery" or hat-making. Using our theme of Titanic we looked at the different types of hats worn by the passengers onboard and then compared them with the hats made by present day milliners such as Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones, and Eugenia Kim. The children look at the various designs and then used them to sketch their own hats - focusing on shape, texture and patterns.
The children looked at statistics in maths this week and had great fun exploring different ways data can be represented. The children focused on tally charts, pictograms, and block charts and what information they could draw from them to answer questions. The children then created their own tally charts and block graphs by asking their fiends their favourite things and recording them.
History - Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic? That was the question the children had a go at answering this week. They listened to historical evidence about Captain Edward J Smith, the shipmakers, Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, and Captain Stanley Lord and had to decide who was the most to blame and explain their reasons. 
Science - Materials. This half term we are investigating what our clothes are made from and why some materials are more suitable for different weather conditions than others. This week the children explored traditional clothing worn by people around the world and identified the different materials they were made from and what properties they had that suited the type of regional weather / climate. Tito brought in one of her mum's clothes which was fantastic as this enabled the children to see first hand how the different materials were used to suit and compare it with their own uniforms. Thank you for bringing this in Tito. 

Week 2 

English - Conscience Alley

This week in English we explored whether or not the Titanic was a "ship of dreams", due to it being the flagship of it's time, or a "ship of nightmares" due to the disaster. The children sorted through the facts and then made up their own minds.

We then went back in time to imagine that Mrs Fennell had the opportunity to board the Titanic. The children's task was to try to convince Mrs Fennell to either go on the Titanic or not. We used a conscience Alley where Mrs Fennell was able to hear both sides at the same time.

We re read the story of Samson's Titanic Journey and discovered that as it was a narrative recount that it was written in past tense. We then explored how we can change verbs to make them past tense and practised writing our own sentences. 

Maths - Skip counting and number ordering

This week we have been focusing on number and place value. The children looked at number sequences in skips of 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's as well as ordering and sequencing numbers in ascending and descending order.

History - The Titanic

This week the children looked through the events of the Titanic disaster and created their own timelines. 

We were also fortunate enough to have Andy from the Titanic Museum virtually visit us and share stories about different people who were on board the Titanic, and show us real artifacts and pictures from the Titanic. 

Week 1 

Maths - sharing = division

This week the children have worked really hard focusing on the skill of division. We started off by looking at how different numbers could be shared out EQUALLY into different groups before moving on to looking at systematic ways of finding out all the different number of  groups that the numbers could be divided in to.

We then went on to  looking at different methods that we can use to help us work out division and used these to work out division sentences.

Finally we used all of this to solve division word problems.

English - Samson's Titanic Journey

This week we started our new story all about the Titanic. The children used the pictures in the story to create a word bank of adjectives to catalogue how Samson's feelings change throughout the story. 

We then looked at how adjectives can change in to adverbs by adding the suffix -ly. The children used both of these to write sentences as Samson at different parts of the story.


Science - Habitats

We have spent a lot of time exploring our field over the term and a half as we were able to spot lots of signs of life. was very exciting as frogspawn and even frogs were found in Catherington Pond enjoying the lovely weather. We thought it was a too good an opportunity to miss so we went over and are now looking after some frogspawn in our class to see if we can watch them change into tadpoles.