This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Spring 2 2019

Maths Parent Workshop 
It was lovely to see so many parents to find about Maths in our classroom. The children really enjoyed it.😊

Week 5

This week we have been thinking about Easter. We have learnt about Holy Week and what happened to Jesus at Easter.

Palm Sunday

We learnt about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and the people celebrating as they believed he came to save them.

Good Friday 

We learnt that this is the day that Jesus died on the cross and this is why we have hot cross buns. We enjoyed eating the hot cross buns. 

Easter Saturday and Sunday 

We learnt about why people make Easter gardens and that Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday. We had an exciting Easter egg hunt and talked about how Easter eggs symbolise new life and remind us that Jesus came back to life.

We also made a special Easter cross decorated with flowers we drew. Some of us wanted to pray by the cross. 

Last week we dug up some leeks from our school allotment. Today we cooked our leeks and made leek and potato soup. Lots of us really enjoyed tasting it.

Week 4

What a busy week we are having this week. It is making us very tired!


We had our first trip this week. We all really enjoyed our walk in the woods and we were all really good. Thank you to all the grown ups who were able to come with us.
We love the new things in our mud kitchen. Thank you to Elsie’s mum for our fridge. We still need an oven if anyone has a spare one.
The boys are enjoying being builders this week. Can you see who the foreman is?
In phonics we have been practicing our reading of words which have the digraphs igh and oa in. We had to find out if the words were real or not real.
This is our last week learning about the woods.

Week 3 This week is British Science Week.

We have been doing lots of fun Science activities and learning what the words liquids, materials and science mean.

On Monday morning we had some special visitors who are real Scientists and they showed us lots exciting things all to do with journeys. 



Still image for this video

Testing how fast different liquids travel

Learning about tunnels and using different materials to make them

This week we have also been learning more about Drew. He taught us 2 tricks this week called Mirror Mirror and Stand tall. They help us feel good about ourselves. Ask your child what they learnt about these 2tricks. 

World book day

What fun we had in our costumes making Gruffalo crumble. We put all the different parts of the Gruffalo into our mixture.

We were really using our imaginations in Discovery Time, capturing and rescuing princesses!

Week 2

What  a busy week so far. We are looking at the story of the Gruffalo this week and we have done lots of Gruffalo activities. 

Planting potatoes
Planting cress
Planting beans
Making a logpile house
Describing the Gruffalo with a partner
It was lovely to see lots of parents and grandparents for Stay and Read this week. Remember you can come on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday every week until the summer holidays.
Week 1
We started by going to the field and looking at the trees. We were trying to find out which trees were Evergreens and which were Deciduous. Then we looked at the leaves on the ground to see if we could find out the names of the trees on our field. We found out we had a lot of oak trees!  

In discovery time we have mixing smelling herbs to make potions, planting beans and serving people in our new cafe. 


We are loving the new things in the mud kitchen. Thank you so much to Rudy’s parents for giving us a microwave to play with in the mud kitchen. If anyone else has an old Fridge, oven, metal pots and pans or spoons they could give us it would be very much appreciated.

In phonics we have focused on the two ways of making the sound ‘er’. We played a game trying to guess Mrs Burdens word from her clues. We were really good at working in a team, especially the boys!

In Maths we have been thinking about the words less, fewer, take away and subtract. We went on the field and had to collect less natural objects than the number Mrs Burden showed us. We were very good at explaining how we knew the amount we collected was less. 

Dont forget to try out the Maths challenge on Tapestry this week.