This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Spring 2 2019

Week 5


Well done Seahorses for working so hard again this week!


In maths, you have been working hard to calculate efficiently on number lines and I’ve been impressed with your explanations when finding patterns whilst investigating. Next week, we will be working on our reasoning around division and multiplication problems and applying the skills learnt this year when calculating. We will also be working hard on our mental maths and every morning you will be practising your calculating during register time. In your book bags this week, you will find a booklet to practise your mental maths at home. 


In English, you have been building vocabulary on your learning journeys towards writing a story about the Queen’s knickers! Next week you will be planning and writing those stories which will include: exclamatory sentences, questions, adjectives, preposition and time sentence starters and adverbs to explain how something is being done. The knickers that you designed for a special occasion for the Queen look amazing on our working wall.


In R.E, you have been thinking about Easter week and the events that led up to Jesus sacrificing himself on the cross. Many of you have thought about how this event has impacted you as a Christian and next week we will be continuing to think about how Jesus’s death on the cross is of such importance in the Christian calendar. Why do people exchange Easter Eggs at Easter? Why is this symbolic to Christians?


In Science, we have set up and experiment to find out what plants need to grow well. We have taken light away from one plant, taken water away from another and have given water and light to the other. Which plant will grow the best? Will your predictions be correct? We will find out next week!


As part of your homework, you have been given the Easter poem that we will be performing next Friday in Church. please practise this as much as you can so that our performance is fantastic. Next week, we will be putting actions to it so have a think about what actions you’d like to include.


One more week of hard work to go before the Easter holidays - let’s make it count!


Mrs Weight 😁



Week 5

Eva reading her story!
Creating an adjective word bank for our knickers!
Looking for signs of spring around our school
Look how our bulbs have grown!
Eva reading her story!

Week 4


This week, you worked hard in maths to add on a number line using efficient strategies such as targeting the tens. Continue to practise the number bond to ten song to help you remember these important number facts! You could also practise adding using a number line at home! Next week, we will be doing some work with subtraction and using efficient strategies to calculate number problems whilst also searching for patterns and explaining our thinking.


In reading, you have been working in small groups to read non-fiction texts. You have answered questions about what you have read, practised reading out loud and discussed what you have found out from the information given. You have also thought carefully about the way in which non-fiction texts are layed out and the ways in which they present the information e.g. photographs, fact boxes, headings, questions, emboldened words that feature in the glossary etc. If you have non-fiction books at home, you could discuss these with a member of your family. Perhaps you could ask and answer questions about what you have read and think about how the author has presented the facts on the page.


In writing, we have read our new text, ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ which we are using in our new writing learning journey that will lead towards you writing a children’s story based on this funny tale. You have acted it out, written a summary of the story, interviewed some of the characters and inferred what you think happened to the missing knicker trunk! Next week, we will be writing expanded noun phrases to describe the Queen’s knickers and writing a letter to the Queen as Dilys the Queen’s maid which we will be using our editing skills to edit and improve!


Linked with this story, you have all designed your own knickers for the Queen to wear on a special occasion and you have all created some beautiful and original designs! 


In R.E we have been continuing to think about the Christian story of Easter and why Christians consider it to be so important. You have ordered and retold the story, talked about your thoughts on the story, what questions you have and what impact you think it has on Christians.


Thank you to all of you who have brought in books to share with your class and those of you who have written stories or even short books to share with your class!


Have a good week,

Mrs Weight


Week 4

Week 3

Week 2


Well done for working hard this week Seahorses. You were absolutely amazing at Marwell with your behaviour, manners and enthusiasm. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Thank you to our wonderful helpers too - we couldn’t have done it without you. Have a look at the pictures below!


Next week in maths, we will be working more on addition and subtraction. Remember to practise calculating on number lines as shown on the example sheet attached to your homework. Well done to those of you who have already shown your calculating on number lines in your homework books. Next week, we will be focussing on how we can use number bonds to 10 to help us bridge the tens more easily when adding and subtracting. We will then move on to do some work with graphs and data.


In English, we will be writing and editing our information pages about Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation. You will be using imperative verbs, adjectives, adverbs and topic related vocabulary in your writing. I loved reading your instructions from last week’s homework - they were fab! I especially liked the photographs many of you included!


In topic, you will be finding out about and creating a royal family tree for Queen Elizabeth II’s family. I hope you’re enjoying finding out about your own families whilst creating your family trees.


Because it is Science week from Monday 11th March, we will be doing lots of extra science in the afternoons as well as practising for our class assembly on Thursday morning. We look forward to seeing you all there.


Have a great week,

Mrs Weight 😊




Week 2

Decorating the cookies you baked...
...with beautiful designs..
You’re very artistic!
Marwell zoo
A baby zebra!
Our classroom activities.
Can you remember where these items came from?
World Book Week dress-up!

Welcome back Seahorse class! 


What an exciting start to the spring term we have had! We all enjoyed our hook day on Monday and I was really impressed with all your efforts with costumes - thank you parents for your support! This hook day was a fabulous introduction to our new topic ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ and you learnt all about the Queen’s Coronation through lots of fun activities. I hope you talked to your parents about what you learnt! 


I would also like to say a big thank you to Alfie and his mum for finding some original books about the Queen’s Coronation from 1953 and well done Alfie for sharing the books with your class. We all really enjoyed looking at them.


In maths this week, we are focusing on adding two 2-digit numbers using an unstructured number line supported by Diennes (tens and ones blocks) and we have been counting in 3s! You could have a go at counting in 3s at home. You could also practise adding two 2-digit numbers on an unstructured number line if you wanted to. 


Our writing is is going to be driven by our hook day on Monday and over the next week or so, the children will be planning and writing an information booklet to tell the Turtles class all about the Queen’s Coronation in 1953.


In R.E we have started to think about Easter and how and why Christians celebrate it. Today, the children discussed what they already knew and understood and recorded their ideas. Over the next half term, we will dig deeper into this important time in the Christian calendar.


It is great to be back!

Enjoy looking at the pictures of your hook day below!


Mrs Weight 😀





You wrote the National Anthem
You took part in a quiz on the field
You looked fab!
You painted Union Jack flags!
You designed bunting.
You created crowns!
You made jam sandwiches!
You watched the Coronation in black and white!
We had a party!
You ate your sandwiches and cake and drank squash!
Alfie and his pop up book!
Alfie’s books!