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Spring 2 2019

Week 5


This week we started a new and exciting hook for our English work: Space Chimps! This will be our driver for next week too. We pretended to get on the rocket and flew into space, we noted what we could see and hear as we flew around. It was a lot of fun! 


In Maths this week we have been subtracting using a number line and a ten frame. We are really getting to grips with what to use to help us work out the answer. The children have been subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number. 🌟


I hope you enjoyed your mother’s day cards, the children worked really hard to make them special 🌼

Week 5

A sunflower in my supper 🌻 Well done Turtles, you were superb! All of your hard work paid off and we are so proud! Thank you to all the parents for your support throughout this performance, the costumes were amazing and for helping them with their lines at home. Hope your enjoyed it πŸ˜€

Week 4 


This week we have been amazing writers! Just wow Turtles 🐒Everyone has written a story about Bob and his journey to the moon and they were brilliant! This week we have been applying our prepositions and time words to construct our story and the children have been really trying with their handwriting too. We were so proud of our work that we showed it off to the Dolphins, we hope you enjoyed them! 


In Maths we have been learning about mass and weight. We have been comparing items on the scales to understand what will happen if something is heavier or lighter. We have also been solving problems and focusing on reasoning how we know the answer. 


Thank you to everyone who has been practising their lines at home the play is really coming together and their singing is wonderful. 

Week 4

Week 3


This week has been busy as always! Thank you to all the mums and dads for coming to our lunch, we hope you enjoyed it. This week we have dived into our text: Bob the Man on the moon. We have acted out the story and learnt all about how he would be feeling as his journey to space goes ahead. In Maths we have been using lots of different methods to subtract such as the ten frame and the part whole. Please feel free to come and have a look at how we do this on our working walls 🌟 


In RE this week we have been learning the Easter story. We have done this by opening Easter eggs and finding parts of the story to put in order, which was a lot of fun but also helped us think about how other people would have reacted to seeing this at the time.


A huge well done for everyone bringing in their eggs, they looked fabulous! Another super week, well done Turtles 🐒 

Week 3

Week 2 


This week we have had our heads in books more than ever! As well as reading our class text we have also been studying our World book week book: Mr Big. We made story maps to learn the story but also thought and inferred how he would be feeling during this time. We used this to make Mr Big music and played happy and sad songs depending on which part of the story we were reading. At the end of the week we made Mr Big’s fruit kebabs which were delicious πŸ˜‹ 


In Maths we have been adding and subtracting within 20. We are continuing to practise writing our numbers to make sure they aren’t the wrong way round. This week we have been showing are calculations on a number line and next week we will be using a 10 frame. Make sure you show your grown ups at home! 


In Phonics we have been revisiting our phase 5 sounds and blending words together. We have also been practising spelling some tricky words and will continue this next week. 


Well done Turtles and keep up the fantastic reading! 

World book week πŸ“šπŸŒŸ

Rainbow glasses. We were learning how white light is actually made up of many colours and we get to see the planets and the stars because light reflects off them 🌈

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It was amazing to see how enthused they were today and I really do believe we have some budding scientists. Well done Turtles πŸ›°

Making waves 🌊

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Awe and wonder ⭐️

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Winchester Science centre πŸ§¬πŸŒˆπŸš€β­οΈ

Welcome to Winchester!
We learnt about how we see the planets
and the stars ⭐️
Problem solving with light rockets
Rainbow glasses
Lunch time
Lunch time
Our favourite part...the planetairiam!

Wow! What a brilliant day with these little astronauts. We learnt about the international space station, Tim Peake and even built some brilliant space stations. It was so much fun and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did Turtles 🌼