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Spring 2

Week 6

It’s the final week before the Easter holidays and we’ve made the most of being together before we have two weeks off.

In phonics we’ve been concentrating on tricky words. We’ve played dice games, splatted words with fly swatters, played bingo and even went on a scavenger hunt. It’s very difficult not to try to sound these words out, but we’re getting there!


We’ve enjoyed making special Easter cards and worked hard to use our neatest handwriting for the inside.



In Outdoor Explorers we explored the field to look for materials we could use to make nests. We used sticks and grass and thought about what shapes would make the most cosy nests for baby birds. The next day we worked together to write some sentences about what we did. We’re getting very good at hearing the separate sounds in words and deciding which ones to use in our writing.


We had a go at some Easter weaving in Discovery Time - it was very tricky, but with a bit of hard work, perseverance and some help from our friends we managed to make our own woven eggs!


In music we continued our learning about pitch and scales. We sang all the way up from a low C to a high C and then used seeded instruments to sing a song all about the rain.





Week 5

We have been very busy learning all sorts of different things this week in Dolphins Class.

At the beginning of the week we decided to get our hands dirty by planting some sunflower seeds. We carefully filled our pots with compost and placed our seeds into the soil. Hopefully we’ll end up with 29 tall and beautiful flowers!


In our RE lessons we have started to learn about the Christian Easter story. First we pretended that we were welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and laid palm leaves on the ground for Him to walk on. We then thought about why the cross is such an important symbol for Christians and talked about why people eat hot cross buns at Easter time. We really enjoyed tucking in to some delicious buns before going out onto the field to make our very own Easter garden.



In maths we have been continuing to learn the number bonds to 10. We enjoy using numicon to show how many number bonds there are.


In music we learned all about high notes and low notes. We used a big bad wolf (who has a low voice) and a sweet little wolf (who has a high voice) to help us understand that the bigger the block on a glockenspiel is, the lower the sound will be and the smaller the block is, the higher the sound will be. 


In PE we have continued to have fun with our street dance routine. This week, we experimented with different ways of travelling and added them to our dance. Our favourite was the wiggle walk!


The highlight of the week had to be our school disco on Wednesday. DJ Dickenson entertained us with some fantastic music and we even took part in a dance competition! We all had so much fun dancing with our friends.





Week 4


One of the highlights of this week has been performing our class assembly. All of the children in Dolphins Class showed a great deal of courage standing up in front of so many people. They really enjoyed singing, dancing and showing off their reading, writing and art skills. Thank you so much for coming to see how hard they’ve been working at school.


Another exciting part of our week has been the magical objects we found in our classroom on Monday…. A tiny shoe, wand and bag along with lots and lots of sparkly fairy dust! We figured out that the fairies must have visited our classroom and left these belongings behind, so we decided to write them two letters to tell them how to get them back.



In maths this week we’ve been focussing on the number 10. We have learned that pairs of numbers that make 10 are called number bonds and have been investigating how many different number bonds to 10 there are.



We have completed lots of challenges in Discovery Time this week. We have been making cave paintings with charcoal, making toys for the Gruffalo’s Child, building traps for the animals in the Gruffalo story, investigating which objects float and sink and looking after the bulbs and seeds we’ve planted.



In Outdoor Explorers we used lard, bird seeds and twine to make bird feeders. We rolled the lard into balls with our hands and coated them in seeds. Then we poked a hole through them and threaded them with twine. Once they’d set overnight, we went down to the field to hang them up.



Week 3


It’s been another week of fun and learning in Dolphins Class!

We have been doing lots of activities to help us spot the digraphs ai, th and or and have been taking extra care to stick our tongues out like rude clowns when we say the th sound. 

We have been writing labels for our classroom so that the fairies (if they visit us!) will know where everything is and what they’re allowed to do in our school.



In maths we made caterpillars with pipe cleaners and looked at how many beads we had compared to our friends. We are getting really good at using the words more and fewer to describe amounts. We enjoyed matching amounts of bears to numerals in discovery time, too.


In Outdoor Explorers we talked about animals and the different names we use for certain animal babies. We used the words kid, fawn, pup, kitten, lamb and calf and matched these words to the names of their grown ups. We had lots of fun on the field collecting sticks, stones and leaves and using them to write the names of the animals we had discussed.



We also scattered some poppy seeds on the school field. We’re hoping they’ll grow so that we can use the petals in our Remembrance Day art work next November!


Week 2


This week in phonics we have continued to practise the phase 3 digraphs. We have also been writing tricky words in different ways. One of our favourites is using our fingers and coloured sand.



We have continued to work hard on our letter formation during handwriting sessions as well as strengthening our arms in funky fingers - this week we waved Pom-poms and threw hoops!


In maths, we have been thinking about one more and one less than a given number. We really enjoy making number staircases with blocks and seeing what happens when we add and take away one block each time.

We also counted how many letters there are in our names and compared our results to see who had the longest and shortest names in the class.



In PSHE on Friday we learned all about how to keep ourselves healthy by brushing our teeth twice a day every day. We even took turns to clean some big teeth with real brushes - we loved this activity!


In Outdoor Explorers we looked for signs of Spring. We managed to find some evidence to suggest that Spring is on its way. We spotted daffodils on the school field, buds on trees and some seedlings, but no butterflies or bumblebees.


We’re continuing to take good care of our daffodils and the bulbs we planted by watering them whenever they need a drink.



During Discovery Time we have been exploring habitats and what animals live there. We used different materials to create a woodland, a beach, deep sea and rock pools and even an Arctic landscape. We thought carefully about which animals would thrive in the different environments and even made sure our water was the right temperature for the penguins!




Week 1


It’s great to be back together again after half term. We’ve hit the ground running as usual!
The children have been working hard in phonics lessons. We’ve been spending time practising the digraphs we’ve learned and are becoming more confident spotting them within words. We’re trying hard to use the correct graphemes in our writing, too!
In our group writing this week we have been focussing on the Gruffalo and have written words, phrases and sentences to describe him.


In maths we’ve been matching amounts to numerals, ordering numbers on a washing line and looking at different ways to make the numbers 9 and 10.


Outdoor Explorers was lots of fun! We learned the word ‘habitat’ and thought about how different animals have adapted to live in different habitats. Then we went onto the field to see if we could places suitable for different animals to live in.

Whilst we were on the field, some of us spotted some evidence of fairies! We were so excited about this that we decided to write to them. We’re looking forward to delivering our letters… I wonder if we’ll get a reply?


We’ve been looking after the seeds and bulbs we planted before half term by watering them (when it hasn’t been raining!) and are excited to see some sprouts appearing. We have noticed that dandelions have started to grow in our pots, too.


In Discovery Time, we’ve been making food for the Gruffalo in the mud kitchen, painting pictures of woodland animals, taking orders in our Gruffalo cafe and looking at non-fiction books all about different habitats.


On World Book Day we loved coming to school in our pyjamas! We shared our favourite books with our friends throughout the day and then were treated to a special story time with our parents and grandparents. It was wonderful to see the children enjoying reading with their loved ones.