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Spring 1 - 2023

Outdoor PE

This week, the children have been learning about ball control. They have been balancing the ball on a racket whilst thinking about strong wrists and hand eye coordination. We even had a challenge to see if you could stand on one leg or sit down while still balancing the ball! 🏓

Week 4


This week, the children learnt about medicines. We talked about safe places medicines are kept and what you can do when you feel poorly to make yourself better such as staying warm, drinking lots of water and getting some sleep. We played a dice game to think about how to help Gerald feel better! 🦒


This week in Science the children have been thinking about which materials would be most suitable to make a toy aeroplane. We have read the book: The great paper caper where the bear cuts down trees to make a paper aeroplane. We will be exploring different materials to use instead of paper. The children came up with lots of vocabulary to describe the materials. They then ordered them most likely to least likely work for making a toy aeroplane. 

Design Technology  

This week, the children used paper to practise their joining techniques. We learnt about different methods and which part of our bridge they would be best suited for. The children then had a go at lots of different ones before we start our bridge building next week. 🐐

Computing - Digital writing

Digital writing

This week, the children used the word processor Word to create digital writing. During writing lessons we have been writing noisy poems for a class poetry book. We thought it would be good to add some sound words to our book using our newly found computer skills! The children typed the sound words into the programme, then changed the font, the size of the writing and the colour.

Maths - Finding quarters of a whole


This week in maths, the children have been learning about fractions! They have been learning that fractions are equal parts of the whole and they explored this by folding familiar 2D shapes!

PE - Gymnastics

Points and Patches
This week in Gymnastics, the children practised creating balances using their points (elbows, knees, feet, hands and heads) and their patches (bottoms, sides, backs and shoulders). The also travelled around the room on their patches! For the second part of the lesson, the children explored the apparatus but travelling around the room and over and under the apparatus on points and patches and then finding a space to created a balance on points and patches that made a bride or arch shape! 

Geography - Scotland


This week, we learnt about Scotland! The children discovered that although Scotland has beaches, it doesn’t have seaside resorts! We thought it might be a little too chilly for beach holidays in Scotland! The children learnt that the capital city is Edinburgh and that there are beautiful National parks and mountains including Ben Nevis!

Week 3

PSHE. We have been learning about the importance of hand washing. We made posters to put around the school to explain the stages of washing your hands. 🦠

DT. We have been learning about structures. We have been tasked to design and build a structure for the 3 Billy goats to get to the new meadow. After researching different structures we decided to chose a bridge. The children have started designing while thinking about the support their structures need in order to be strong.

Telling the time. 🕛 We have been learning to tell the time to o’clock and half past.

Week 2


Well being - Listening games

Well being

This week during our well being time, we played some listening games. The children did some good listening and had lots of fun! 



This week in Geography the children sorted places from across the United Kingdom into two piles one for physical and one for human geography.

Week 1



We started the first half of the Spring term this week with a fabulous new text called, ‘The man on the Moon’, by Simon Bartrum. The children spent the first lesson thinking about who this story could be about, with a slow reveal of the first page in this picture book which features the astronaut Bob drinking tea in his home surrounded by lots of interesting ornaments and pictures. The Turtles were brilliant at using their inference skills and looking for the clues in the picture and we had a great discussion about who this character might be! The children were then read the story, and together, we looked more closely at the character of Bob and then created a roll on the wall using what we had learnt as seen above. Finally, on Friday, the children ordered the main events of the story onto a story map! What a busy start the our new term!



This Half term, the children will be learning how to use the word processor Word to create writing. This week, the children of Turtle class wrote their names using the key board on the laptops and then played with the different colour and size options available using the options on the toolbar. The children also enjoyed creating another version of their names on paper using felt pens! 



This week in PE, we started a new learning journey called ‘points and patches’, which will see the children creating balances individually and in pairs where small and large body parts are recognised and used. On Thursday, we focussed on small body parts including the head (forehead), elbows, knees, feet and hands to balance on. The children experimented individually and in pairs with the different shapes they could make using their bodies. We also thought about what it means to balance and how we can make sure we stay really still by using our muscles!



This week, the Turtle class started learning about the United Kingdom. The were taught that there are 4 countries that make up the UK. I wonder if they could tell you?! Can they remember which country we live in and where it is in a map of the UK? Here are pictures of the children using compass points to direct their partner from country to country around the UK map.