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Spring 1 2022

Week 7


Well done, Dolphins - you made it to the end of the last week of half term! And what a super week it’s been. In phonics this week we’ve continued to practise recognising the digraphs and trigraphs we’ve learned as well as working on our letter names and sounds. We have enjoyed singing our special alphabet song and used it to sing the letter names onto caterpillars.



In Discovery Time this week, we’ve been programming beebots, making Valentine’s Day cards, rescuing toys from ice and some of us even decided to have a go at making origami pigs!


We had a great time in Outdoor Explorers this week collecting special things from the school field. We put leaves, twigs and other pretty things we found into little buckets, filled them with water and then froze them. The next day, we hung our icy decorations around our playground so that we could watch them sparkle in the sunshine before they eventually melted.



In our final Chinese New Year music lesson we took it in turns to control a class dragon. We played different kinds of instruments in time to our Chinese Lantern song but had to be careful to wait our turn - we couldn’t play our instruments until the dragon paid us a visit! This was tricky but we soon got the hang of it.






Week 6


In Dolphins Class this week we have continued to practise our handwriting by learning how to write more one armed robot letters. We’ve tried writing h, m, p and k. We’ve also continued with our funky fingers exercises by weaving scarves in and out of fences, drawing with chalk on the playground, getting buttons out of play doh with tweezers and stretching elastic bands over peg boards.



In maths we’ve been thinking about the words more and fewer as well as learning about pairs. We learned that a pair of something means ‘two’ and investigated whether or not we can put any number of objects into a pair. We found out that we can’t… and some of us even spotted a pattern!


This week we’ve really enjoyed using our phonics knowledge to make words.



We’ve also had fun taking surveys - we’ve been asking our classmates what their favourite thing is and then counting up which is most popular. Most of us like dragons best!


We’ve painted pictures of dragons and sorted materials in our sorting office, too!


Finally, we’ve been learning about Hinduism and a celebration called Krishna Janmashtami. We listened to the story of the birth of Krishna and made a special shrine for our classroom.



Week 5


This week we have been learning how to write the letters ‘r’ and ‘b’ on our whiteboards. We call these ‘one armed robot’ letters. In funky fingers some of us have also been splattering paint and throwing hoops.

In phonics, we have been playing lots of games to help us blend and segment sounds.



We learned all about Chinese New Year this week. We listened to the story of why each year is represented by an animal and found out which animal matches the year we were born in. We learned a special Chinese lantern song in our music lesson and then had lots of fun making our own lanterns to take home.



In PE we learned some new pilates poses as well as using the ones we already know. We put them all together to make a ‘jungle explorer’ routine. We had to use all of our muscles to hold the poses - it was hard but everyone did a fantastic job!


In Outdoor Explorers on Tuesday we went on a hunt! We had to try to find different materials and figure out if they were manmade or natural. We recognised that the trees, sticks, grass and leaves are all natural things and the snack box, water spray bottle, hula hoop and water bottles are all manmade. We realised that lots of the manmade things we found were made of plastic.



In Discovery Time we have continued to explore knights, dragons and castles. We have made dragons and castles with different materials, dressed up as knights and even cooked delicious food fit for a king or queen in our mud kitchen. We have built a castle in our role play area to play in, too!


Week 4


This week in phonics we have learned three new sounds, ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ur’. We have also had a go at spelling some of our tricky words (no, go, I, to and the). 


In maths we have been thinking about the weight of objects and how we know which things are heavier and which are lighter. Some of us decided to continue exploring this idea during discovery time, using bucket scales to compare the weight of different objects. We also continued our work on mastering number facts up to 5, having lots of fun jumping speckled frogs into a pond.



In Outdoor Explorers we had a go at completing some winter maths challenges! We had to count out certain amounts of twigs, stones and leaves and then create shapes with them. We really enjoyed trying to make triangles, rectangles, squares and circles with our friends.



In Discovery Time we have been learning all about knights, dragons and castles. We have been making dragons out of junk, writing wanted posters for dragons and drawing maps for a knight to follow. We have also been mini scientists this week, investigating what happens when we mix different materials together.



Finally, to top it all off, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Open Box Theatre Company. We had two wonderful workshops in which we used our imaginations to help tell the tales of Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. 





Week 3

We have been continuing to think about characters from traditional tales in Dolphins Class this week. The three bears replied to our party invitations and said they’d like to come to Goldilocks’ party, so we helped her write a shopping list so that she’d know what to buy. The children tried hard to sound out cake, balloons and crisps. Goldilocks was very happy!


In phonics we’ve been learning more new phonemes. We’ve added oi, ow and er to our repertoire and have practised recognising these sounds in words by playing games.



In maths this week we have been thinking about the order of numbers and noticed that if we put our numberblocks in the right order, they make the shape of a staircase! We also practised seeing how many ways we could make the number 5 by dropping double-sided counters and placing them on a five frame. 


We have continued to practise our curly caterpillar letters during handwriting lessons. This week, we focussed on writing some new letters (d, s and e) as well as o, a and c from last week. We really enjoy using the whiteboards to do this.


We have been using a lot of sellotape to make our models lately, so I challenged the children to experiment with different ways of attaching materials together. They have used split pins, pva, glue sticks, masking tape, paper clips and even rubber bands to join things together this week.



In PE we learned some Pilates positions and put them together into a routine. We now know swan dive, the hundred and cat/cow stretch. In music, we used different instruments to perform to our special Chinese lanterns song.



In Outdoor Explorers we learned about where some minibeasts go in the winter and then went on a hunt around our field to see what minibeasts we could find. We discovered a lot of worms, slugs, snails, woodlice and even a couple of ladybirds!


Finally, in Well-being Time, we learned our second trick. It’s called Stand Tall and helps us to feel confident even if we’re nervous! We talked about body language and how we can send messages to others with our bodies without saying a word. Then we had a go at standing tall, straight-backed, heads up, eyes forward, shoulders back and saying ‘I FEEL GREAT!’ It made us all feel brilliant. 😊


Week 2


This week has been very exciting because we’ve started lots of new things.


In phonics we have been using the new digraphs we’ve been learning to make words. We were excited to discover that we can use our phonics to read real words as well as fake ones! We also started handwriting lessons this week, using whiteboards to write our first ‘curly caterpillar letters’, o, c and a.


In Discovery Time we have been investigating different materials to see if some are stronger than others. We designed houses and traps for the Big Bad Wolf. We noticed that duplo bricks make strong and sturdy houses, tyres and crates make excellent wolf traps and sand can be used to make structures as long as we make it wet first.


We listened to the story of the Three Little Pigs as a class and then looked at some more traditional tales independently. We did a brilliant job of looking at the books by ourselves and then telling a grown up about our favourite parts.



In Outdoor Explorers we looked for evergreen and deciduous plants on our school field and in music we started to learn about Chinese New Year. We watched a video of a Chinese dragon dance and then made our own Chinese dragon. We moved in time to some special music and snaked our way around the school… this was so much fun!


Week 1


It’s been a short week, but we’ve managed to fit a lot in! 
We started our learning this week by finding out about traditional tales. We looked at different characters to see if we recognised any (we spotted Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Jack and many more!) and then we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Afterwards, we had lots of fun making Goldilocks stick puppets.



We have spent some time this week learning about the New Year and how it’s celebrated. We learned what a resolution is and thought about what our New Year’s resolutions could be. We came up with lots of different ideas - if the children stick to their resolutions you can expect to see them tidying their bedrooms and being kind to siblings! 
We found out that some people celebrate the New Year by having a party, so we decorated our home corner and enjoyed writing party invitations and shopping lists, wearing party hats and dancing to Auld Lang Syne.



We had a go at writing as a class this week. We decided to write a letter to Turtles Class to wish them a Happy New Year. Everyone in the class helped to find the tricky words we needed and showed me which sounds to use when I got stuck. Some of us even had a go at writing kisses on the bottom of the letter. Turtles Class were very pleased to receive our special message.



In Outdoor Explorers we looked for signs that tell us it’s still winter. We found bare trees and piles of brown leaves. We talked about the frost we’ve been seeing each morning and noticed that the berries in our vegetable patch are dry and black. We couldn’t find any birds or animals, so we wondered if some of them might have gone somewhere warmer for the winter or if they might be hibernating.