This half term we are thinking about Compassion in collective worship.
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Spring 1 2021

Happy New Year Turtles! 


It hasn't been quite the first week back we all had hoped for but I feel we have made the best of the cards we have been played. 


Those of you working at home have made Miss Carville very proud with all the hard work you have been doing and it has been wonderful to still be able to keep in contact and say 'hello' on zoom. As it is all we have for now lets make the most of it. 


Those of you who have been in school with Mrs Grant and I, you have also made us both proud with how hard you have been working. 


Those children in school and at home received a letter from the three little pigs introducing our new science topic everyday materials. They had a problem that they need our help with.  At school we created a list of different everyday materials and then explored some of those materials and considered how absorbent they might be, they then made a prediction about which material they thought would be the most absorbent. 



This half term we are learning about the United Kingdom and learning how to navigate a map using  a compass. The children in school learnt to identify the 4 countries in the UK on a map and then after being taught the points of a compass and how to use one to navigate a map. The children had a go at using compass directions to find out how to get from point A to B e.g. Bristol to London. Both the children in school and at home appeared to enjoy this learning.