This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Spring 1 2020


We have been really busy this week, finishing off our topic on Castles and learning about the Hindu story of Krishna.

Hindus like to remember Krishna, he is very important to them. We thought about the people who are important to us and why we like to remember them. We looked at how Hindu people are different to us and some of us dressed up in their beautiful clothes. 
We had great fun planting some vegetables and flowers, thank you for your donations. We have lots more to plant but need to wait for the weather to be warmer. 
This week we were writing some instructions of how to plant a seed. We are going to hang them up so other children can use our instructions. 
We loved bouncing on the trampoline to raise money for books in our school. Thank you for all the sponsors.


This week we read the story of the 3 little pigs. We then made a big story map to help us remember the story. We all added words or sentences to the story map. We are getting so good at writing now!

In Outdoor explorers this week we were thinking about birds. We listened to them sing and talked about why they were singing so much, then we talked about why they build nests and what they use to build them. Together we built a huge nest using the things birds might use and we made sure we could all fit in it.
In maths this week we were learning that when we take an amount away there will be fewer. We loved playing bingo to practice this.
But the best part of the week was when our new water tray arrived! It’s really big and we love it. It came in a super big box and that was fun to play in too! 



Another busy week in Dolphins class. We have been learning about the people who live in a castle and different types of materials. 
This week in outdoor explorers we talked about what different materials feel like and made tree rubbings. We decided trees are very rough!
In phonics we have been continuing to practice hearing sounds in words and blending sounds together. This is helped us build up our confidence to have a go at writing. Well done Dolphins. We loved the cup game in phonics, where we had to sound out a word, say the word and then squash the cup by jumping on it! 


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This week we started learning about castles. We learnt about the different parts of castle and what they are made of. We now know that castles were built a long time ago.
In Outdoor Explorers this week we looked at what things were made of outside. We found lots of different materials and then we went down on the field and made some animal homes using natural materials. We were thinking about what it would be like for those animals if someone built big houses on our field.
In maths this week we were learning to partition numbers and in handwriting we practiced writing the sounds r n and b correctly. 
But our favourite time of the day is still discovery time. Just look what we got up to in discovery time this week. 

Week 2

This week we have been really busy!

In maths we continued practicing combining amounts with a friend. 
Each week we now have handwriting lessons where we practice writing letters properly. This week we have been practicing the curly caterpillar letters c a o s d g.
We really enjoyed having our grandparents visit on Tuesday afternoon. We were learning about Chinese New Year and made some great dragons. 


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In outdoor explorers this week we looked at all the things on the ground after a night of rain and strong wind. Then we made the first letter of our names using the things we had found. 


Week 1


Welcome back Dolphins. We have had a super week this week starting our topic on Dragons and Castles.


On Tuesday morning we had a letter from a mummy dragon. She had dropped her egg over our field and couldn’t find it, so she asked us to go and find it for her. We followed her map to find the egg and then took it back to the classroom. We put it on the radiator and wrapped it in a blanket hoping it would hatch. The next day when we came back into school the egg had hatched and Zog the dragon came out! Now we need to learn to look after him properly.
In discovery time we have been building strong walls to stop dragons attacking, using flour and water. Some of us got a little mucky when we were building!
We also started something new called Outdoor Explorers this week. This is where we go outside each week to look at the environment on the field and do some fun activities. We will do this in any weather because we have our wellies and wet weather gear. 
This week we worked as a team to build dragon homes from the things we could find on the ground.
In maths this week we were practicing combining amounts and then counting how many there were altogether.