This half term we are thinking about Compassion in collective worship.
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Spring 1 2020

The Titanic Museum

Spring 1, Week 5


Seahorses, I cannot believe we are approaching our final week of this half term already!


This week, you have worked hard in English to use adverbs with the ‘ly’ suffix, use commas in a list, generate adjective word banks and create a plan for your diaries ready to write next week!


In maths, you have practised your number bonds to 20 in your morning mental maths tasks and lots of you are getting very quick and more accurate now. You also solved time word problems involving quarter past, half past, quarter to and o’clock.


Last Wednesday morning, you held a fantastic class assembly about our charity Tusk which was a great success and we are all really proud of the effort you put into practising your lines. 


Next week, you will write and edit your diaries as Samson the mouse in English, you will be comparing and measuring the weight of real life objects using balancing scales and gram weights in maths and continuing to develop your reading strategies in guided reading. Remember to keep reading as many times a week as you can and think about your expression when reading aloud to an adult or family member.


In addition to this, we will be doing some exciting music lessons and thinking about how we can show emotion through our use of percussion instruments. In science, we will decide where we think Freddie the fox would be most happy to settle on our school grounds and explaining why we think this using our fox reading and research to help us. 


Finally, on a Friday, we have a very exciting day out to the Titanic museum in Southampton! I know you are all extremely excited as am I! 


I look forward to another other super week with you all,

Mrs Weight 😀




Spring 1, Week 5

Spring 1, Weeks 2 and 3


Hello super Seahorses!


We had lots of fun over the last two weeks!


In art, we used photographs of icebergs as our inspiration and thought about the different shapes and lines of an iceberg. With this, you used pastels of cool colours to show these lines on dark blue and then beige sugar paper. They looked fabulous! You then surrounded each piece with words that you associated with the icebergs’ shapes and colours.


In history, we learnt about the different types of people who boarded Titanic. We learnt about the first, second and third class facilities and which people sailed in each of these. We also learnt how much each of these tickets would have cost at the time and what the equivalent of this would be today.


In maths, you did some amazing addition and subtraction with bridging the tens and you used your number bonds to ten facts to help you target the ten! You also showed your thinking on both structured and unstructured number lines! Next week, we will start our week adding 3 single-digit numbers efficiently and then move onto work with time!


In writing, you completed your descriptive narratives. Next week, we will start a new writing unit where you will learn how to use commas in a list, apostrophes for possession and further imbed the use of adverbs with ‘ly’ suffixes, adverbs of time and adjectives.


I look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning! 

Mrs Weight 😁


Spring 1, Weeks 2 and 3

Spring 1, Week 1


A great week back Seahorses! On Tuesday, you tested your bags by filling them with classroom objects and they worked really well and looked amazing! Well done! I wonder if you’ve used them at home yet! You also looked at photographs relating to the Titanic and you told me what you already know about this historic cruisliner and thought of questions you’d like answered too. I was really impressed with how much so many of you knew! 


Next week, we will be doing some maths work collecting data and recording it in a tally chart and then transferring it into a pictogram. You will also answer questions about the data you’ve collected from your fellow classmates. 


In writing, we we will continue our learning journey inspired by our short film, ‘Once in a lifetime’. Last week, you thought about powerful verbs and used them in sentences and this week we will think about adverbs to further describe the actions. 


In R.E, we will be starting our learning about the Hindu festival of Holi. 


In spelling, we will be learning more suffixes and how they change the meaning of the root word and any rules we need to apply when adding these letters to the end of words. 


I look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow morning!

Mrs Weight 😀


Spring 1, Week 1