This half term we are thinking about friendship and love in collective worship.
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Spring 1 2019

Week 6


During week 6 we had a visit from the fire and rescue services, please see the pictures below. Who has remembered to check their smoke alarms at home? How often do we check them? 🚨 


In our Maths lessons we have been continuing learning about tens and ones in our place value. We have now learnt up to the number 50! Next week will be learning how to read, write and say our numbers up to 100. Next week we will also be practising counting in 5s. Who has been practising the 2s and 10s pattern at home this half term? 


In  our English lessons we all completed, edited and published our poems. We have spoken about how important editing is and how it’s about improving our work not just pointing out what is wrong. We also held our own poetry recitial with all of the children reading their poems proudly out to the class.


We we have been spending some time this week looking at a book about Drew, last week we learnt his trick to make ourselves feeling better by saying something positive about ourselves. This week we learnt a new trick. This trick was to calm ourselves down, we scrunch everything up tight and then let it go. The children have been really embracing learning these new tricks and they had some brilliant scrunched faces to! πŸ˜†


I’m really looking foreword to seeing everyone next week to start Spring 2 and our new topic of Space πŸ‘©πŸ½‍πŸš€πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸš€. On Monday we are kicking off the topic with some modelling based on the International Space Station so if you have any recycling that you could bring in to help us construct it, it would be very appreciated πŸš€πŸ›° 


Miss Fooks 🍎 



Fire and rescue πŸ”₯We learnt how to stay safe at home and in school with 3 principles. Get out, stay out, phone 999.

Roll call
Firefighters attention!
Firefighter in the making πŸ˜€

Week 5 


We have bounced through this week and had a lot of fun doing so! 


In English this week we have been preparing to write our poems. We have been focused on finding rhyming words within other poems and making some up from pictures we have seen. Next week we will be writing our own poems about dinosaurs. πŸ¦– If you have been practising handwriting at home it is really paying off the progress in their letter formations is wonderful and they are really proud of what they are producing!


During our Phonics lessons we have been focusing on blending our words together. This might start with a simple word like c a t but once they can blend these simple words together they will be able to apply it to longer and more complex words. We have also been learning how to read polysyllabic words, words with more than one syllable, like daffodils 🌼 We have been practising by breaking the word up and reading it in smaller chunks (daff) (o) (dils) 


In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 30. We have been making numberlines to show our understanding of tens and ones. We have been answering questions like: how many tens are in 25? The children would then show this by finding a resource or drawing in their books. Please keep practising this skill at home as next week we are moving up to 50🌟


This week we have also been thinking about Internet Saftey. We talked about how important it is to never share information online and to play age appropriate games. The children made posters about how to stay safe online. I think they are wonderful 🌟


Thank you for sponsoring your child to jump this week, they had a brilliant time🌈

3D shapes
Bouncing for Ipads 😁
We sorted books into groups πŸ“š
Shape sort
Rhyming words
Internet safety
Labelling body parts
Place value up to 30
Practising our blends in Phonics

Week 4 


What a wonderfully full week, we’ve had an author visit and snow to top it off! 


This is week in Maths we have been focusing on word problems in multiplication and division. We have been really unpicking what the question is asking and using our resources to help us. Next week our focus is 3D shapes, can you spot any at home to label? 


In English we have been writing our nonfiction reports on dinosaurs, the children have worked SO hard to present their work well as well remembering everything else! I’m really proud and plan to make it into a class book. Feel free to pop in after school to have a look πŸ¦•πŸ’ 


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the snow ⛄️ 

Labelling the body
Phonic splat
Jump start Jonny
Maths reasoning
Painting our clay models
Acting out the story of Rama and Sita
10 heads and 20 arms πŸ”Ž
Worship time

We were in awe of the beautiful snow this morning, was so lovely to see everyone playing and working well together. Even though we were a bit chilly the smiles were worth it πŸ₯°

Sharing in maths
Matching our phase 5 sounds
Starting to make an array!
Blending our sounds ⭐️
Science 🧬
Clay dinosaur prints
Cup smashing with our sounds