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Spring 1 2019

Spring 1, Week 5


This week, the Seahorse class have worked really hard. Next week, is our last week before the February half term holiday so let’s make it a good one!


In English, we will be planning and writing our descriptive narrative based on the short film, ‘Once in a lifetime’. The children have explored and practised using lots of new vocabulary including: powerful verbs and adverbs. On Monday next week, we will be focussing our writing on using adjectives in expanded noun phrases and thinking about our use of pronouns (e.g. he, she, it etc.) and varying the nouns in our description (e.g. instead of turtle, they could use creature or animal etc.)


In maths, we looked at 3-D shapes and their properties and then we finished our week with some work on position and direction. Some of the children are still not certain of their lefts and rights! It would be great if you could practise this at home with them. We were also using the vocabulary, forwards, backwards and up and down with them so you could practise this too. Next week, we will be working on our place value of 2-digit numbers and solving problems involving these numbers. We will also be counting in 3s so please practise this at home if you get the chance to.


In topic this week, we will be making advertising posters about the Titanic using the facts we have found on the internet using the iPads. 


It was lovely to hear that Alfie has been practising our class poem at home and he even typed it out on the computer! I wonder if any of you can recite it to your parents too!


I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Happy weekend!


Mrs Weight



Spring 1, Week 5

Retelling the, ‘Once in a lifetime’ story
Using dictionaries to find definitions
Sorting powerful verbs
Sorting real life shapes by their properties
Following directions around a grid

Spring 1, Week 4


In week 4, we saw the arrival of snow! What a wonderful morning we all had playing on the field! You also tested you boats and they floated! 😁 See below for pictures.


In maths, we continued our learning in fractions and began calculating non-unit fractions of amounts and shapes. The children did this really well and showed their thinking using arrays. Next week, we are moving onto 3-D shape. We will be thinking about the properties of 3-D shapes including: edges, vertices and faces. Using this information, we will start to sort the shapes using Venn diagrams. This week, see if you can find 3-D shapes around your home and see if you can identify their properties. Which objects are similar? How are they similar? Do they have the same number of vertices as each other? Are some of their faces the same shape? Etc.


In English, we are starting a new learning journey. Our stimulus for the next two weeks is a short film called: ‘Once in a lifetime’. From this short film, we will be learning to use adverbs, powerful verbs and adjectives to plan and write a short but descriptive narrative of the journey. At home, you could find the clip and practise retelling the story using interesting verbs (action words), adjectives (words to describe people, places, things) and adverbs (words to add detail to the verb). If you create any word banks, you could bring them into school and we could add them to the working wall! You can find the film on the internet by searching, ‘Once in a lifetime literacy shed’. 


I’m looking forward to another fun-packed week!

Mrs Weight 😀


Ps Fab bouncing today!

Fun in the snow and boat testing!