This half term we are exploring the value of Justice in Collective Worship
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World Book Day news coming soon.....
As so many of you are learning from home we thought we would share some of our school activity ideas that you could try too...
                                                                                                                                               Don't forget to check out our Home Learning Pages in “Children” for more great activities.
Staying Safe when outside
Online Safety at Home
We have been learning how important it is to keep our hands clean.

MONDAY 18th May

Today we were thinking about the Sun. Have a look at this powerpoint which will tell you lots of facts about the sun.

We made posters about how to keep yourself safe in the sun.
Then we learnt all about shadows, why don’t you try some of the activities we did. Can you find out why shadows move during the day?
Why don’t you make some shadow puppets like we did. We told stories with our shadow puppets. 

Thursday 14th May 

Do you know about the Olympic Games? Did you know that the Olympic Games was due to take place this July and August in Tokyo but has been cancelled because of the Coronavirus.

Today we learnt all about the Olympic Games, maybe you might like to at home too. 

We found out the Olympic Games has values just like our school and some of them are the same!! Can you find out what each of the values means?  

Lots of countries take part in the Olympic Games. We chose our favourite and made our own flags.
Then we hosted our own mini Olympic Games. Maybe you can try them at home in your garden or in a nearby field.

The opening ceremony

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The Javelin

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The 100m Sprint

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Long Jump

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The Relay

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Tuesday 12th May 2020
To commemorate Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday today, we learnt how she dedicated her life to help make hospitals and the NHS what it is today. We learnt how she helped soldiers in the Crimean War and became known as "The Lady with the Lamp." We decided to make our own lamps to remember her.

Later on we explored minibeasts using the story "Doug the bug that went boing!". We found a variety of different minibeasts in our field when we went on a bug hunt. We then had fun looking making our own paper caterpillars and racing them. At the end of the story, Doug uses a flower like a helicopter to get safely back down to the ground. This led us to discover how a helicopter flies and experimented by making our own paper helicopters.

Why not see how many different minibeasts you can find?

Have a go at making your own caterpillars or helicopters and have races with them. 

Paper Helicopters

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This week at school, we are getting ready to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of the Second Word War in Europe. 

The Government plans for next weekend have altered somewhat, but there are still opportunities to learn about what life was like in WW2 and mark our respect, plan bunting, a singsong, a toast and have a bit of a party!

What is VE Day?

Tuesday 5th May

As we start our countdown to VE Day on Friday we explored what "peace" means to us and why it is important. We used a green screen to pretend to be part of the celebrations back in 1945 to get us into the spirit.

We created peace poles and looked at how the word "peace" was pronounced around the world.  We wrote about why we think peace is important and after finding out that the colours of the rainbow are a symbol of peace, we had a go at growing our own rainbows. Why not have a go yourself?


Peace is important because

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Peace is important because

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Learning about colours

Do you know the primary colours? 

Did you know if you mix primary colours you can make secondary colours?  We investigated that today and learnt about the artist Kandinsky. Can you make circle paintings like we did? 

Friday 30th April
As today marks Captain Tom 100th birthday we learnt about how he has inspired a nation by raising money for the NHS. We created a poster that we have put up in our school window to celebrate his birthday.

We used the story "Welcome to Alien School" as a stimulus for our fun activites today. First we created our own Aliens by playing the "combination man game". First we folded pieces of paper into 4 so only one section can be seen. Then we took it in turns to draw the head / body / legs / and finally a name.

We then wrote sentences about the aliens we had created. Why don't you have a go and see what you can create - a robot / a monster / an alien.

Tuesday 28th April

Today we used the story "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" to explore forces.


As the Wolf used his breath to blow down the pig's homes we looked to see what we could move with just our own breath by making "balloon air cars". Through trial and error we managed to make a car that moved just from the force of our own air coming out of a balloon. Why don't you have a go at making a vehicle that is only powered by your breath - a car / a boat / a plane??? (See document below for car instructions)


We also had a lot of fun exploring the right angle and the right amount of force needed to knock down all the "piggy's" in "Piggy bottle bowling".


Looking back at the the book we all agreed that the wolf wasn't bad and just wanted to make a cake for his Granny. So we decided to help him by making a "magic mug cake" using a few basic ingredients. (See recipe below)

Monday 27th April 


Today we thought about how lucky we are to have such a lovely field as part of our school grounds. We worked hard to draw maps of the field? I wonder if you could draw a map of your garden? 

Then we collected lots of interesting things from the field and made pictures of birds. What could you make from the things you can find on the ground in your garden or on your daily walk? 

We also put some coloured pipe cleaners around sticks to make a worry stick. It is very soft and helps us feel better when we are worried. You could try and make one at home.
Friday 24th April

Today we became archaeologists and explored how fossils teach us about the past and how our bones compare to that of a Diplodocus.

We created our own fossils out of salt dough (recipe below) which we painted and then hid around the field to be found when we all come back. 

We made a dinosaur skeleton out of sticks in the Year R playground naming the different parts as we built it.

We then measured ourselves against an adult sized Diplodocus's femur bone.

Tuesday 21st April 
Do you know why bees are important? Today we made a new garden on the field, just for the bees. We hope the seeds we planted will grow soon.

Easter Jumping Bunny Craft

Guinea-pig update

Nature Detectives

James and Elliot have been watching tadpoles and caterpillars change in their gardens. This is for any nature detectives out there!

Frog Life-cycle

This is for anyone who has tadpoles in their garden, (mine don’t have their back legs yet)... what can you find out James? 😀 🐸 😀

The last day of March 😃


3 Billy Goats Gruff Day

Build the longest bridge challenge

Our longest bridge was 43cm, can you beat that?

Ruler Ice-Hockey

Guinea-pig Update

The Guineas are settling in well and have had their first taste of grass. I don’t think I will be needing my lawn-mower anymore! My children have given them holiday names... Parsley and Sage.

from Mrs Mannie

Monday 30th March


Why don't you try some of these activities at your house.

Our awesome obstacle course

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Monday 23rd March

We made our own star biscuits, they were really yummy.

Here is the recipe we used: 

250g Butter

140g Caster Sugar

1 egg yolk 

2tsp vanilla extract

300g plain flour


Making rockets to fly to the moon 

Tuesday 24th March

Spreading joy with our RAINBOW TRAIL

Lots of families are painting rainbows to put in their front windows, we have decorated the school, why don’t you have a go at home?

Red Riding Hood Day

We have had fun making a puppet play, playing memory games and creating the wolf’s wood. Have a go yourself.

We said goodbye to the guinea-pigs and sent them off to their holiday home with Mrs Mannie. Do you think you can design the perfect guinea-pig playground?