This half term we are thinking about forgiveness in collective worship.
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Guess Who?

Guess Who?

A little fun for you all.


Can you guess who these childhood photos belong to?

We are missing a few so more will be added soon.

I will post the answers later in the week.

Have fun!


Photo A                                             Photo B                         Photo C



                                 Photo D                                    Photo E                             




                          Photo F                                               Photo G



                             Photo H                                       Photo I



                                   Photo J                                 Photo K                 



Photo L                                                                             Photo M




A Mrs Goodall

B Mr Dickenson

C Mrs Hext

D Mrs Mannie

E Mrs Barker 

F Mrs Grant

G  Mrs Hodgkinson

H Mrs Anderson

I Mrs Burden

J   Mrs Weight

K  Miss Carville

L Mrs Reeve

M Mrs Searle



How did you get on?