We offer Breakfast and After School Club from 7.30am until 8.35am and from 3.15pm until 6pm every day.
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First News from Katunguru School

The Katunguru school day starts at 8:30am and ends at 4pm. The children have break time at 10:30am and go home for lunch at 1pm (no school dinners!). 


The school values are Supportive, Honest, Assertive, Respectful, Exemplary & Self Control, and their motto is 'EDUCATION SAVES LIFE'. 


The pupils at the school are surprised at how cold our 'warm' weather is, and couldn't believe it when I told them that we've only just started getting lighter evenings after moving our clocks forward. We've told the children there about our school pets, so they're hoping to send us some photographs of the animals they see in their National Park in return. The children often see elephants, buffalo, bushbucks, kobs, mongooses, warthogs, hippos and crocodiles. Sometimes even lions and leopards can be spotted, but they're shy!


Inside a classroomSome of the children in Ramathan's class