This half term we are thinking about Compassion in collective worship.
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Autumn 1 2020



This week we have been really enjoying making dens outside and playing in them with our friends. You could make dens at home using sheets too. 
In the role play area we were preparing for a party.
We had great fun making tractors from our junk modelling this week. We were learning how to join materials together and thinking hard which shapes to use.
A bit of rain didn’t stop us playing outside on Wednesday, we got our wet weather gear on and wellies and kept on playing. 
We had so much fun in maths making fruit kebabs. We had to decide how many pieces of fruit we wanted, cut up the right amount ourselves and then put it on our kebab. We were very good at counting out the right amount. 



This week we have been celebrating Harvest. We learnt about what Harvest means and why we celebrate it. We have been learning the song Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. We hope you enjoy it.


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We also made our own salt dough. We followed the instructions to make some salt dough leaves. Next week we are going to paint them. 
We enjoyed playing in our Fruit and Veg stall this week.
Also this week we have learnt about how Christians believe God created the world. We made some lovely colourful fish. 


This week has been really busy. We started learning the phonics sounds S A T and the numbers 1 2 3.

We really enjoyed using the paint rollers and water on the walls outside our classroom to strengthen our arms and shoulders. 
We all loved OPENBOX theatre company. We had to use our imaginations and pretend we were part of the story Jack and the Beanstalk. It was lots of fun. We were very brave and talked in front of everyone to share our ideas. 


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Another super week. We started the week by thinking about real people who help us. We thought of lots of different people including our mums and dads. We really enjoyed learning about the police and we made our own walkie talkies.

In p.e we were thinking about how we could move in different ways using different parts of our bodies. We were all very excited about using the benches and the mats.
Funky Fingers was lots of fun. We strengthened our fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. The best activity was putting Cheerios on spaghetti! 
In music this week we got to play an instrument. It was very noisy so we decided we needed a conductor. Some of us were very brave and stood up to be the conductor. They told us when to play and how to play. 



We started this week by listening to the story of Supertato. We had a letter from Supertato asking us to help him. The Evil pea was freezing everything and Supertato needed some friends to help defeat Evil Pea. We loved making our own Supertato friends.
In Outdoor Explorers we were thinking about Autumn. We found lots of things which had fallen on to the ground and collected them with a friend. Then we mixed them with some mud and water to make mud cakes! 
It was lovely having extra choices at snack time this week. 
We strengthened our fingers during Funky Fingers sessions. 
One of our favourite things to do this week was to meet the Chickens! We all got to stroke them and help give them their food and water.


What a busy first week we have had. I think we all need a big rest this weekend. There have been lots of rules to learn and new friends to make. Well done for showing Courage when you came into school, Love towards your new friends and Respect towards each other and our classroom. All the grown ups are very proud of you. 

This is us doing Funky Fingers when we first come into school in the mornings. 

We are really good at finding a job to do on our own now. 
The best time of the day is discovery time when we get to choose our own learning and play with our new friends. 
This week we looked after the guinea pigs in our classroom. We loved holding them and making sure they had enough food. 
Lots of fun on the field! 
Looking at our Summer scrapbooks