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Autumn 2 - 2022

Week 5

Outdoor P.E

This week in PE, our theme was throwing and catching! We thought about how we can catch and throw with accuracy. The children worked in partners and tried to support their partners technique. We then used a hoop to practise our aim. They finished their lesson by a cool down follow the leader walk. 


During our well-being time this week, we played a listening game. The class sat in a circle and then one child sat blindfolded in the middle. Children were chosen to speak to the child in the middle who had to listen carefully to the voice to identify who was speaking. They were very good at this, so to create more challenge, the child who was speaking changed their voice in an attempt to disguise themselves!


This week in PE, our theme was balls! We thought about their shape and the way they move. The children created small and large shapes individually and then worked in pairs to create even bigger round shapes. They finished their lesson by making routines which included their individual and partner work. 


This week in our art lesson, the children painted bears! They used their experimenting from last weeks’ lesson to help them create the texture of fur using the brown paint.

Week 4 



This week in science, the children were investigating their senses and how they worked. We experimented with the smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. We also talked about people who didn’t have certain senses and what they use instead. The children loved learning about their senses and practising their senses song for our assembly. 

Turtle Toy Museum!

History toy museum

Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who came to our toy museum this week. It was wonderful and the children loved seeing and playing with your wonderful toys.




This week, the children created textures of fur using brown paint and various tools including: sponges, glue spreaders, paint brushes and plastic forks. They did an amazing job! 

Week 3

Interfaith Week 

This week the children have been learning about Interfaith week. We researched and learnt about the Muslim faith. We also recreated some vegetal artwork which the children really enjoyed. They were very focused and experimented with bright colours. 🎨🖌


This week in history, the children were given pictures of some new toys and some older toys. They had to sort these toys into two columns based on what they looked like, focussing on the colours and materials. The children are going to be so excited to see your toys in our class toy museum on Thursday afternoon! We can’t wait to see you all.


In maths, the children learnt about shape. They stared the week recapping the names and properties of familiar shapes and then later in the week, we practised halving shapes and learnt that a half is one of two EQUAL parts. 

Fun with Jumpstart Jonny - FREEZE!


This week in dance, we experimented with streamers! This was the first experience of streamers for most of the class and they were very excited to use them. We used the streamers on different levels, we created different shapes in the air, we travelled with them around the room and then we put our 3 favourite movements together in a short routine which we showed our class friends in a little performance!

Children in Need


In art this week, the children draw teddy bears using the textures they had created during their first lesson. They did a wonderful job. They used soft pencils, felt tips and black biros. Here are some examples of their work! 


This week the children used another artist called Henri Matisse to inspire their creations using the One of Henri Matisse’s creations was a collage resembling a snail and the children had a go at recreating this work. They also created collages on paper!

Week 2


In maths this week, we have been sharing between two and three using practical resources and drawing cherry models to show this thinking. The children did such a great job!

PE - Dance

Dance was fabulous this week and the children worked incredibly hard to produce routines about the journey if a conker. They worked in pairs to create spiky shapes and combined these shapes as well as those created on their own, with different ways of travelling and turns. They did this to the beat of a tambourine and even used starting and finishing positions. Well done Turtles. Here are a few pictures of their pair work! 

History - Remembrance Week

This week was a very special week because we had a history focus each afternoon. The children learnt about the importance of Remembrance. Our focus was on the men who died fighting for this country during WW1 that had lived in Catherington village. To show our respect and gratitude towards these important men: we learnt some of their names; found their names on the Lychgate on a wonderful walk to Catherington Church on Wednesday (thank you to the mums that came with us); we painted poopies which we added the names of these men to and finally, we made special cards using pressed poppies and handprints to say thank you for their bravery.


This week in writing, the children have been continuing their learning journey towards writing a diary as Traction Man. They learnt what a pronoun was and used ‘I’ to start sentences. They looked at a diary entry and we discussed what makes a diary, a diary! Then the children identified the emotions felt by Traction Man during different parts of the story. Next week they will start writing their diaries! 


This week in computing, the children learnt about the artist Piet Mondrian and used his work to inspire their own artistic creations using the on the iPads. They did incredibly well using features such as: straight line drawing, colour fill, undo and changing the colours. The children also created their own pencildrawn versions of Piet’s work too!

Week 1


In maths this week, the Turtle class have been learning about odd and even numbers through the story of Odd Todd and Even Steven! The children used counting in twos to help them identify odd and even numbers.


In writing this week, we started a new learning journey using the text, ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey. The children are really enjoying this book. As part of their learning journey, the children ordered images from the text and added time words to the pictures. Later in the week, we pulled interesting words and phrases from the text and collected them in a class word bank. On a Friday, the children learnt about adjectives and created their own word bank using images from the book. 


This week in art, we started our new learning journey all about teddy bears! We looked closely at the fur on a teddy bear and the children used soft drawing pencils, coloured pencils, felt pens and black biros to create patches of fur in their sketch books. 


The week, we started our dance learning journey about conkers! The children created lots of spiky shapes on different levels with different body parts on the floor. They then linked their chosen shapes with turns, jumps and by travelling on the balls of their feet in a quick, pattering way.


This week, we started our new history learning journey about toys! The Turtle class children brought in one of their favourite toys to show their class friends. The children demonstrated how their toys worked and how they play with them and we then talked about what the toys were made from. Lots of the toys were made of colourful plastic! Thank you for sharing your wonderful toys with us Turtles! 


In computing this week, the children used a paint programme called to create an image of themselves. They used the different icons available to create their pictures. Some of the effects they used were; the spray, paint brush, pencil and fill option. They also changed the colour of their drawing instrument.