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Autumn 2 2021

DT moving pictures


We had so much fun on the lead up to Christmas 2021 and here are a few photos of the fun we had 😀



In history, we have started to learn about toys. On Wednesday, the Turtle class children brought in a toy from home to share with the class. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic and keen to share their toys with their class friends. We saw quite a variety of toys and I was particularly excited about the wall climbing car that Toby brought in to show us! We talked about the materials they were made of and how we could play with them and then the children had a little bit of time to play with their toys with their friends. They were all really respectful of each other’s toys and shared so nicely.

TUSK day


On TUSK day, the Turtle class learnt about the charity TUSK which the Children of Catherington chose to be courageous advocates for a couple of years ago. The children learnt about TUSK and why the work they do is so important. We browsed the website to learn more about the animals that TUSK strive to help. We then had a look at the Tusk Lion Trail of 2021. This incredible trail is made up of 47 life-sized lion sculptures which have been designed by artists, musicians and sports people to be auctioned to raise money to fund community conservation across Africa. These beautiful sculptures could be seen roaming streets across the world, including London, to highlight the threats currently faced by ‘the King of Beasts’. The children thought the designs were very interesting and used them as inspiration for their own designs. The children created their lion faces using collage and they did an incredible job as you can see from the pictures! 


TUSK day!



This half term, our computing unit is about multimedia. So far the children have used iPads and a drawing app to practise selecting different icons in order to create different effects. They drew their friends using the drawing app Doodle Buddy! 

Traction Man


Our new writing learning journey is inspired by the book Traction Man by Mini Gray. So far, the children have been read the book, ordered the main events, selected interesting vocabulary from the text itself and acted out the main parts of the text. It’s a great text and the children are enjoying using it!