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Autumn 2 2021

Week 7


We have had so much fun this week getting ready for Christmas in lots of different ways. Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!



Week 6


What a week we’ve had! We started it off on Monday by performing our Nativity. We had so much fun doing this and worked extremely hard learning our lines and practising our songs. A recording of the play is available to view on our Year R page, we hope you enjoy watching it.


This week in RE we’ve also been learning all about the meaning of Nativity plays and why they’re such an important part of Christmas for Christians. We listened to some special music, played with our class Nativity scene and placed crosses under our Christmas tree with a Christmas wish inside.



In Discovery Time we’ve been making Christmas decorations with play doh, writing letters to Santa, dressing up, writing in our activity booklets and wrapping presents in our elves workshop. 


The diva lamps that we made out of clay last week have now dried, so we painted them to make them look colourful. We can’t wait to bring them home!




Week 5


This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival Diwali. We found out that it’s a festival of light and is celebrated all around the world. We have been making Rangoli patterns with sand, chalk and numicon, shadow puppets with black card and lolly sticks and we’ve even used clay to make our own diva lamps. We can’t wait until the clay has dried and hardened so that we can paint them next week.


On Monday we were treated to a snowy playground! We had so much fun playing in the snow with our friends.

We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. We were let loose with a box of decorations and have made our classroom look truly festive! 




Week 4


This week we have been spending time practising our Nativity ready to perform in a couple of weeks. I’m sure you’ve been hearing lots of our songs at home… we’re trying our best to remember all of the words and are doing a super job!

On top of this, we’ve continued to work hard on new sounds in phonics (‘y’, ‘z’, ‘qu’ and ‘ch’ were our new phonemes this week), learn different ways to recognise and show the number 5 in maths and we’ve explored the book ‘Six Dinner Sid’ in our Book Talk sessions.


In Discovery Time we have been planning and making obstacle courses, choosing our favourite pages in topic books, mixing red, yellow and blue paint to make different shades of green, purple and orange and creating our own scrapbooks full of our favourite things.


Here are some pictures to show you what we’ve been getting up to:


Week 3


We have had another fun and busy week together this week! 

In phonics we have learned four new sounds - J, V, W and X. We also learned how to read the words ‘he’ and ‘she’. In funky fingers we have been practising one armed robot letters. We have been writing them on whiteboards, tracing them and making them with play doh. We had lots of fun using our beaky bird movement to attach pegs to pieces of card.



In maths we have been thinking about circles and triangles. We read the story Mr Rush and looked at the difference between Mr Rush and Mr Happy. We spotted that they have different numbers of sides and corners. We sorted different triangles and circles into groups and then investigated what happens when you turn them.



We have been doing lots of writing during Discovery Time. We have written secret messages for nocturnal animals, recipes for special dinners and signs for animal dens. We’re starting to realise that writing can be great fun!


In Well-being Time we learned our first Trickbox trick - Mirror, Mirror. Drew taught us to be kind to ourselves by taking time to look in the mirror and tell ourselves something nice. We enjoyed looking in our mini mirrors and trying this out. It made us feel great!


Finally, as it’s Interfaith Week we learned about Islam. We found out that Muslims worship in a Mosque and that their holy book is called the Qur’an. We know that Muslims pray five times a day and that they always wash themselves before they say their prayers. 
We looked at some Islamic art and had a go at making some of our own geometric patterns by printing with shapes dipped in different coloured paints.


Week 2


It has been fantastic being together again after our half term break. As usual, we have been very busy!
In funky fingers we have been practising our long ladder letters, writing in sand, cutting along straight lines, building towers and throwing frisbees.


In phonics, we learned to recognise some new words - I, no and go. We also learned the sounds h, b, f and l.


In maths, we have been counting sounds and thinking about how many ways we can make the number 4 using squares.


We have started doing the Daily Mile. This is where we spend some time every day moving around the playground. We can jog or walk, as long as we’re moving! We really enjoy our time outside keeping fit.



In PE we travelled like different animals, moving slowly, quickly, standing tall and crouching down low. Then we put the mats out in the hall for the first time and used them to practise doing log rolls. We tried very hard to stretch our arms high above our heads and keep our legs straight.



We have been having lots of fun in Discovery Time, especially experimenting with light and dark in our class ‘cave’. We have been using torches to make shadows and have also been putting different coloured acetate in front of the torches to see what happens to the colour of the light.



Finally, we have been spending some time this week thinking about Remembrance and why it’s so important. We have learned about poppies and memorials and made our own poppy field pictures by printing with string and sponges. Today we joined the whole school in the hall for a special Remembrance assembly. We were so sensible when it was time to do a 2 minute silence and showed our Christian value of respect perfectly. Well done, Dolphins!